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How to Fix Ok Google Not Working Issue

The launch of Google Assistant was like a “utopian dream come true” situation where all Android users could have a personal assistant all the time at their command. On the contrary, they ended up repeating the phrase “Ok Google” time and again into the unresponsive app, making them frustrated. We know for a fact that as an Android user, you can relate to this “ Ok Google not working issue ” and so, we’ve brought with this informative article to help you fix your voice recognition software. Check Out!

Fix Ok Google Not Working Issue

Fix No. 1) Rule out All the Basic Fixes

Although it isn’t worth stating, you must check for some basic fixes before proceeding to the major ones to solve ” Ok Google not working problem ”. First of all, check if your device is connected to WiFi or mobile data as Google Assistant needs an internet connection to work.
Ok Google Not working-Enable Ok GoogleNext, make sure “Ok Google” detection is enabled in Google app. You can do this by tapping on Settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection on your Android.

Fix No. 2) Readjust Language Settings

It’s perhaps you’re instructing in a wrong language that Google Assistant is not responding to you. You can do two things in this situation: the first one is to change the language in Settings menu and update your language pack.

Ok Google Not working-Check Language Settings

  • Open Google app on your Android smartphone and enter Settings
  • Now tap “Voice” and then “Languages”. A list of all supported languages will appear
  • Change the language if needed by checking the box next to its name. You can set primary and secondary languages here as per your desire

Ok Google Not working-Update Language PackIn addition to this, you can update your language pack. Simply, head to Google > Settings > Voice > Offline Speech Recognition. Now download and update the language pack you want.

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Fix No. 3) Check Your Device’s Microphone

Ok Google Not working-Check MicrophoneAs you know Google Assistant relies on your device’s microphone to carry out your instructions, you must check this for a seamless “Ok Google” experience. You can check if your microphone is properly working by having a look at the microphone icon in Google app. If the icon has a dotted line around it, you’ll need to fix it.

Fix your microphone by either cleaning its hole situated near the charging port or by going to the microphone settings in Google app. Furthermore, always make sure there fewer sounds in the background when you’re speaking.

Fix No. 4) Update Google App

Ok Google Not working-Update Google AppSometimes, when you encounter “ Ok Google not working issue ”, it may be because your Google App isn’t updated. In order to get the latest version of the app on your Android smartphone, open Play Store and tap on the menu icon on the top-left side of the screen. Now, tap “My Apps & Games” on the menu that appears. Look for Google app and if there is the latest update available, tap “Update”.

Fix No. 5) Retrain “Ok Google” Voice Model

Ok Google Not working-Retain Ok Google Voice ModelNo one knows why but sometimes, Google Assistant fails to retain your “Ok Google” commands. This is the time when you need to reintroduce these commands to make your digital companion work again. You can do this by going to Google App’s main menu. From there, tap Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” Detection > Retrain Voice Model. Now, say “Ok Google” thrice and your Google Assistant will work like new.

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How to Fix Ok Google Not Working Issue
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How to Fix Ok Google Not Working Issue
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