New VR180 Cameras
Google Releases Two New VR180 Cameras at CES 2018

Google announced two new VR180 cameras that come with the ability to capture 3D photos and videos in wide angle and ultra HD 4K resolution. Dubbed the Lenovo Mirage camera and Yi Technology’s Horizon VR180 camera, the devices will hit stores this spring.

The new VR180 cameras are simple in design and use, allowing you to just point and shoot to take three-dimensional photos and videos of the world around you. The cameras let you re-experience your captured memories in VR with a headset like Daydream View, Cardboard or the new Mirage Solo. However, if you don’t own a VR headset then you can view VR180 anytime in 2D on your smartphone or desktop.

The Lenovo Mirage Camera as well as Yi Horizon VR180 Camera have dual lenses on the front and enable you to capture photos, videos, and even live stream in 4K VR180 videos.

Talking about the Lenovo’s camera, it makes use of dual 13MP fish-eye cameras and 180- by 180-degree field of view to take stereoscopic photos and videos. Akin to other VR180 cameras, media content can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Google Photos. The Company claims that the real benefit of its Mirage camera is there’s no need for specialized camera aptitudes; anyone can pick up the camera and capture VR content. The camera is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 and features WiFi, Bluetooth along with a microSD card slot expandable to 128GB of storage.

New VR180 Cameras - Lenovo Mirage Camera

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On the other hand, Yi’s Horizon camera comes with the live streaming ability for the VR180 format. Intended for pro users, it takes 5.7K resolution photos and videos at 30fps and boasts a professional-grade microphone design with outdoor noise reduction. The camera incorporates a 2.2-inch, 640×360 retina touchscreen to handle the uploading of content via VR180 Google app and a USB Type-C port for HD data transmission.

New VR180 Cameras - Yi Horizon cameraThus, with a variety of new VR180 cameras to choose from, you’ll be able to capture your unforgettable moments in a new way. Though the market is chock-a-block from VR cameras, VR180 can be just what some people have been looking for to shoot immersive videos.

Google unveils two new VR180 cameras at CES 2018, encouraging people to shoot 360-degree footage that can be viewed on VR devices. Clay Bavor, Vice President at Google, wrote in a blog post,

“Watching VR180 gives such a strong sense of presence that it’s almost like having a time machine that lets you be there all over again.”

Both the devices are meant to feature Google services such as YouTube, its digital Maps, and App Store. There’s no word on pricing for either Lenovo or Yi’s VR180 cameras. However, the Company said the new devices will arrive during the second quarter of 2018. Check out the video below to know more about Google’s new VR180 cameras:

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Google Releases Two New VR180 Cameras at CES 2018
Google announced two new VR180 cameras that come with the ability to capture 3D photos and videos in wide angle and ultra HD 4K resolution.
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