How to Easily Enable Popup Blocker in Safari
How to Easily Enable Popup Blocker in Safari

Popup windows can be a real interruption to your web surfing experience. Although, some of these popup windows are necessary for some useful websites to function better, there are others that you’d find bothersome and would instantly want to get rid of. Thankfully, various modern web browsers host features that let you easily do the task. Apple’s Safari browser is one of them as it has an integrated popup blocker that works on all iOS, Windows and Mac platforms really well. How to make use of this Safari feature? Well, to help you enable popup blocker in Safari, we’ve brought forth this useful guide. Read on!

What is a Pop-up Window?

A Pop-up window is a new window that suddenly emerges when you visit a site or select an option on a site. It can get initiated with a mouse click, a rollover or simply by staying at a page for a specified time period. These pop-ups are usually generated by websites to launch online advertisements and can be disabled or enabled using the extensions or options provided by the browser that you’re working on.

Enable Popup Blocker in Safari

Enable Safari Popup Blocker on Mac Os X and macOS Sierra

Safari Popup blocker can be enabled on Mac platforms by following below mentioned steps:

    • Head to the browser menu residing at the top of the screen and click Safari

Enable Popup Blocker in Safari-Mac Safari drop down menu

    • Select Preferences from the drop-down menu to open the dialog box General
    • Now, click Security tab

Enable Popup Blocker in Safari-Mac security tab

  • Scroll down to the Web Content section and check the box next to Block Pop-up Windows

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Enable Safari Popup Blocker on iOS Devices

You can enable popup blocker in Safari browser on iOS devices as well.

  • Enter Settings app on the home screen

Enable Popup Blocker in Safari-iOS Block Pop-ups

  • Move down the screen to find Safari option; tap on it
  • From the new list that appears, look for General section
  • Under this General section, you’ll find Block Pop-ups option. Toggle it on to make it green in color

Enable Safari Popup Blocker on Windows

There are three ways by which you can enable popup blocker in Safari for Windows. The first one is a simple key combination CTRL+Shift+K. The second way to do the task is mentioned below:

Enable Popup Blocker in Safari-Windows Block Pop-up Windows

  • Open Safari and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner
  • In the menu that appears, click Block Pop-up Windows option

The third way to disable or enable Popup blocker in Safari on your Windows is to open Safari and go to Preferences > Security > Block Pop-up Blocker

What types of popup windows trouble you the moSafast? Do you think they’re of any use to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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How to Easily Turn On Popup Blocker in Safari
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How to Easily Turn On Popup Blocker in Safari
Safari browser has an integrated popup blocker that works on iOS, Windows and Mac platforms. Read our guide to know how to enable popup blocker in Safari.
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