iPhone Battery Replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement: Everything You Need to Know About

Apple has recently acknowledged that it purposely slows down the performance of certain iPhones with aged batteries to thwart startling shutdowns. To make things right with its consumers, the Cupertino-based tycoon announced $29 iPhone battery replacement program letting users swap older batteries at a cheap price. Though the program has started across the globe, most of the iPhone owners have lots of queries like how to check if Apple is slowing down their iPhone, should they pay to get their batteries replaced, etc. Sensing this need, we’ve come up with an FAQ guide letting you know the satisfying answers to all your top queries. Let’s get started.

iPhone Battery Replacement: The Lock, Stock, and Barrel

  1. Why Does Apple Slow Down iPhone Performance?

iPhone Battery Replacement Program

Is Apple iPhone slow down real? Absolutely yes! Apple said that lithium-ion batteries cause iPhones to suddenly shut down rather than showing that their batteries still have some charge left in them. For instance, an iPhone battery having a 20% charge remaining may unable to power the device. Instead, it may turn off. The Company slows down older iPhones to balance power consumption from aged batteries.

  1. What Happens When Your iPhone’s Performance is Throttled?

When Apple’s OS interferes to maintain your iPhone battery, apps running on your device may take ages to launch and run more leisurely. Also, your device may automatically dim itself and lower its speaker volume. However, Apple stated that its latest battery updates shouldn’t degrade the performance of some main iPhone features such as purchase things with Apple Pay, make cellular calls, and use GPS.

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  1. Which iPhone Models are Affected?

In case your device is running iOS 10.2.1 (iPhone 6, 6S or iPhone SE) or iOS 11.2 or later (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) and its battery health is low enough to potentially generate sudden shutdowns then your iPhone has been affected (alas!) from slowing down. On the other hand, if your iPhone has a still-functional battery even it’s an iPhone 6 then congratulations as your device is safe from slowing down. In a nutshell, the iPhone battery replacement program is mainly valid for iPhone 6 and later.

  1. How to Check if Apple is Slowing Down Your iPhone?

How to Check if Apple is Slowing Down Your iPhone

Before going for the iPhone battery replacement, you should check whether your device is actually slowing down due to an aging battery or it’s something else that slowing it down. Here’s how to see for yourself if your older iPhone’s performance has been choked:

  • Download Lirum Info Lite app that tells you the speed of your iPhone’s main chip
  • Once done, tap on the Options button at the top-left side of the home screen
  • Tap on This device > CPU option and check the CPU Actual Clock against the CPU Maximum Clock
  • In case both numbers are the same, your iPhone isn’t being chocked
  1. If Your Older iPhone isn’t Being Throttled, Can You Still Get an iPhone Battery Replacement from Apple?

In case your older iPhone’s main chip is still running at the speed it should, you can still take advantage of Apple’s discounted $29 iPhone battery replacement program. It will last through the end of 2018 giving users enough time to swap their aged batteries. What’s more, Apple has recently announced that it will replace old iPhone batteries no matter whether your device passes its diagnostic test or not.

  1. What is the Best Way to Check Your Older iPhone’s Battery Life?

The best way to find out the battery health of your iPhone is to take it to an Apple Store. All you need to do is simply set up an appointment and an Apple Genius will run your device through the Company’s series of tests. You can contact Apple Support remotely over the phone or even on Twitter to find out whether you need an iPhone battery replacement or not.

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iPhone Battery Replacement: Everything You Need to Know About
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iPhone Battery Replacement: Everything You Need to Know About
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