Replace Old iPhone Batteries
Apple to Replace Old iPhone Batteries Regardless of Diagnostic Test Results

Last week, Apple apologized for its degraded batteries and admitted that it purposely slows down older iPhones without users’ knowledge. In an effort to make up to its customers, the Company announced that it will replace old iPhone batteries at a cheap price.

Now, Apple has started iPhone battery replacements for $29. Apple iPhone battery replacement program will continue to run until the end of December 2018, giving affected users a chance to replace old iPhone batteries in time.

When Apple first announced that it would replace aged batteries, the Company didn’t clarify how it qualified batteries as eligible for the discounted replacement. The Apple Genius Bar typically makes use of a diagnostic test to confirm whether a battery can preserve 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. This led to some confusion with some iPhone users claiming that Apple refused them for a battery replacement as their device passed the diagnostic test.

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But now, Apple has confirmed that it will replace old iPhone batteries on an iPhone 6 or later, regardless of diagnostic test results. This means that whether or not the test shows that your iPhone battery retains less than 80% of its original capacity, you’re eligible for $29 battery replacement program.

Apple to Replace Old iPhone Batteries

The clarification came after the Cupertino-based giant reportedly passed an internal memo about the new replacement policy, adding that consumers who paid $79 for a battery swap prior to the offer are eligible for a refund in price difference. Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t consider the condition of your iPhone’s battery during the replacement program, it’s worth notable that it may not replace old iPhone batteries if it finds other damage to your device or if there’re third-party components in your phone.

The heavy discount in battery replacements appears to have been to calm down the anger of users stoked by headlines suggesting that Apple iPhone slow down is real as the Company wants to drive consumers to upgrade to newer models.

The iPhone maker has apologized over a lack of transparency regarding its process of dynamically handling the peak performance of some older iPhones with degraded batteries to avert surprising shutdowns. Given that Apple can remotely run a diagnostic on your phone’s battery, so you don’t need to visit an Apple Store. In order to replace old iPhone batteries, contact Apple Support via phone, online chat or email. Alternatively, you can also schedule a Genius Bar appointment at Apple Store by using the Apple Support app.

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Apple to Replace Old iPhone Batteries Regardless of Diagnostic Test Results
Apple iPhone battery replacement program has started and will continue until the end of 2018. Now, you can replace old iPhone batteries at a cheap price.
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