Believe it or not, having a smartphone without apps is like a sandwich without filling. That’s why, we all download a myriad of apps on our Android device, whether they’re free or paid. The free apps often come with dozens of advertisements as well as in-app purchases. So, whenever possible, people opt for paid apps. However, most of us want to download paid apps for free, right? Yeah! But the question is how? Well, fret not as this how-to article is all about the answer to this most-asked query. Let’s learn about how to get paid Android apps for free.

Get Paid Android Apps for Free

  1. Free App of the Day

Get Paid Android Apps for Free - Freapp

Freapp is one of the best Google Play Store alternatives to get paid apps for free on Android. Every morning, it greets you with a new app to download without paying even a cent. All you need to do is merely download Freapp on your Android device. However, some apps will not be eligible for updates.

  1. Blackmart Alpha App

Get Paid Android Apps for Free - Blackmart Alpha App

The king of the Android market and best store to download apps, Blackmart is the ultimate option for those folks who want to taste every Android app. With a highly customizable and user-friendly interface, it shows the categorical divisions of Android apps just like you see on Play Store. The app gives you the ability to sort apps by Free, Paid or Just Paid only. Also, you can sort apps on the basis of their ratings, bringing the popular ones at the top.

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  1. 1Mobile Market

Get Paid Android Apps for Free - 1Mobile Market

Another beautifully designed store to get paid Android apps for free is 1Mobile Market. Once you download it, you can browse paid apps and download them directly on your device without burning a hole in your pocket. The app automatically resumes the downloading process interrupted by the slow Internet connection.

  1. Mobogenie Market

Get Paid Android Apps for Free - Mobogenie

Mobogenie Market app lets you get paid apps on Android for free. What stands out the app from the crowd is that it offers paid eBooks, music, movies for absolutely free. It also enables you to download YouTube videos to your device. The app includes a file manager along with a junk cleaner to keep your phone clean.

  1. GetAPK

Get Paid Android Apps for Free - GetAPK

GetAPK is yet another platform to get paid Android apps for free. Apart from the latest updates, it keeps nearly all versions of Android apps. So, in case you want to downgrade an app to its earlier version, GetAPK is the best choice for you. To get started with the app, you need to tap on an app to view its page, which gives you a full description of the app. Now, tap on the Get button. Doing so will redirect you to an ad. Once you get that, you can download the app by skipping the ad. In case GetAPK’s in-app browser not works for you, tap on the Open in Browser button at the top-right side to open the app’s downloading link into the browser of your choice.

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How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free
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How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free
Here, you'll learn about how to get paid Android apps for free. Click or tap on the link to know about the different ways to do so.
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