Annoyed with your slow laptop? Before you decide to shop for a new shiny one and get rid of your old sluggish laptop, there are plenty of things that can be done to give it a speed boost. Here’s how to speed up your laptop.

Speed up Your Laptop

Not all of us are tech-experts. If you find it difficult to know exactly what has dragged down your laptop’s speed, consider going for all that is given below. It will surely give a nice boost to the speed and performance of your laptop.

  1. Go for Disk Cleanup

Speed up Your Laptop - Go for Disk Cleanup

Disk Clean up is a Windows utility which deletes all unnecessary files created in a laptop or PC over time. These unnecessary files can slow down a laptop drastically. Hence, getting rid of them will save room for your laptop, and speed up your laptop. Follow these simple steps to clean up the disk space:

  • Right-click on the hard drive you wish to clean up and select ‘Properties’.
  • Click the Disk Cleanup button and delete the files by selecting them individually, and then tap Ok
  1. Disable Useless Background Programs

Speed up Your Laptop - Disable Useless Background Programs

If your laptop has suddenly dropped its speed, chances are some heavy and useless programs are running in the background. Restricting these background processes will save a lot of space on the hard drive improving your system’s performance.

  • Click on the Task Manager or if you can’t find one, press ctrl+ alt+ delete to open it.
  • Select the Programs and Applications that are resource-consuming and close these normally.
  • If you’re unable to do this, select the task and click on End Task to stop it forcefully.
  1. Defragment the Hard Drive

Speed up Your Laptop - Defragment the Hard Drive

Although modern versions of Windows automatically defragment your hard drive, you have to do it manually in some old versions. Select the Disk Defragmenter tool for this purpose. This will eventually speed up your laptop by fixing the broken files. It is recommended that you do it weekly to enjoy a better speed of your laptop.

  • Click on Computer.
  • Right-click on one of the drive and select Properties.
  • Head to the Tool Tab and click Defragment Now.

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  1. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Speed up Your Laptop - Uninstall Unwanted Programs

There may be some programs and software that were installed by you. Such irrelevant programs consume your laptop’s memory for no reason and can be a security threat as well. To uninstall them go to Control Panel > Programs and Features from the list that appears, select the programs you don’t use anymore. Uninstall the programs by right-clicking on them.

  1. Disable Programs Running on the Start-up

Speed up Your Laptop - Disable Programs Running on the Start-up

As you install more programs on your laptop, its startup speed gets affected negatively every time. The reason is that some of those programs start loading up automatically whenever you boot your laptop or PC, consuming a great amount of system’s memory. While some of these programs are important, others are useless and should be disabled for a better speed.

  • On Windows 7 and earlier, press Win and R A dialog box “Run” will appear.
  • Type “MsConfig” and hit Ok
  • Go to “Startup” tab to get a list of all startup programs
  • Uncheck all those programs that you find unnecessary, and click Disable All
  • Once done, restart your laptop.
  1. Clean up Your Web Browser

Speed up Your Laptop - Clean up Your Web Browser

A heavy web browser may be the reason for a PC being sluggish. Incompatible add-ons and extensions may affect your laptop’s performance, slowing it down eventually. In order to solve this issue, enhance the speed of your web browser by clearing up your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history along with incompatible extensions. Follow the steps given below to clean up your browser:

  • If you’re using Chrome, go to Settings > Clear Browser data
  • Tick all and click Clear Browsing Data
  • Now, go to More Tools > Extensions and remove unused extensions and add-ons
  • Restart the browser

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