Share Pins on Facebook Messenger
Pinterest Makes It Easy to Share Pins on Facebook Messenger

Has it been a while since you’ve used a Messenger bot for chatting? In case you use Pinterest regularly, you may be tempted to pick up the habit again. Pinterest has launched a Messenger bot and a chat extension that will show its full pin images in FB Messenger. By using the chat extension, you can now share pins on Facebook Messenger.

If you receive a pin from your friend, you have the ability to expand that pin for displaying the full image and browsing related pins without even leaving the messaging application. According to Pinterest, it has developed the extension to load faster, as it expects people to employ it on the go.

On the other hand, the bot assists you in finding out new pins when you ask for suggestions. In order to use the bot, simply type ‘Get Started’ and select from the available topics such as ‘Food’, ‘Home’, and ‘DIY’. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can search for particular terms as well. What’s more interesting in it is that it lets you share the pins that you find through the bot with the help of the chat extension. Pinterest states,

“Users will be able to select topics like “food”, “home” and “DIY” and get recommendations from Pinterest directly in the bot and browse and share ideas in their Messenger conversation directly from the chat extension.”

In case you’re using the English language version of Pinterest’s app on Android and iOS, you’ll be able to move your hands on the chat extension over the coming days. The bot will be rolling out to everyone, both on the web and mobile.

Share Pins on Facebook Messenger

The ability to share pins on Facebook Messenger will mark the start of a new collaboration between the two social media behemoths. Facebook boasts around 2,00,000 bots committed to making a unique social experience for its users. With the introduction of the Messenger bot, Pinterest has definitely swelled that number. Currently, around 1Mn pins are being shared on FB Messenger every week, and the new bot and extension will further amp up the vicinity of Pinterest on the chat application.

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Apart from allowing you to share Pins on Facebook Messenger, the new features will now show the full images of your Pinterest Pins in Facebook Messenger as soon as they are shared. Merely tap on a pin in the messaging app to see a richer and more integrated experience.

This is not the first time when we’re seeing Pinterest go beyond its home platform for enticing more and more people. Earlier this year, the visual discovery social network had launched QR codes that will show up in stores. With over 200Mn monthly active users, Pinterest is still a bit of blip relative to Facebook. Getting tied with FB Messenger can be proved a great move for Pinterest to extend its user base.

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Pinterest Makes It Easy to Share Pins on Facebook Messenger
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Pinterest Makes It Easy to Share Pins on Facebook Messenger
Pinterest has launched a Messenger bot and a chat extension, making it easier to share pins on Facebook Messenger. Click on the link to know how to do so.
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