Boost Your PC Speed
How to Boost Your PC Speed in No Time

Do you find that your system is becoming increasingly slow? Is your computer taking ages to start up? Does the blue loading circle continue to rotate at shut down? If the answer to all these questions is in a big yes, then it’s time to take action! No, no, you don’t need to be a computer expert to deal with your PC’s ailments. Here, we’ll provide you with a series of simple-to-follow steps to help you boost your PC speed in no time. Let’s take the plunge.

Boost Your PC Speed in No Time

  1. Uninstall Programs That You No Longer Use

Boost Your PC Speed - Uninstall Programs That You No Longer Use

Although it’s an obvious task, many of us forget to delete programs that we no longer use. So, delete such unnecessary programs or malware installed without your knowledge. In order to uninstall redundant programs, navigate to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall section. In this way, you can increase your PC speed within a few minutes.

Opt for an Automatic Solution

Boost Your PC Speed - Automatic Solution

No doubt, the aforementioned method is quite easy, but what if you accidentally delete a necessary program? Well, to make sure that you don’t delete important programs and later regret doing so, you can download a software to automatically uninstall superfluous programs.

There’re various Windows software that lets you easily manage the programs you’d like to enable or disable at start-up. One such tool is Quick PC Booster that helps you decide which software to keep and which one to delete.

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  1. Increase the Start-up Speed

Boost Your PC Speed - Increase the Start-up Speed

In case your computer takes more than 30 seconds to turn on, or even worse, if you nod off waiting for your system to start up, then something is gravely wrong! Several programs have been intended to load automatically once you start your computer. Despite the fact that some of them such as antivirus are indeed essential for your PC to work properly, others considerably increase the Windows start-up time. The right solution to do is disable software that launches upon start-up to boost your PC speed. Again, there are two ways to do so: manual and automatic.

In case you’re running a version older than Windows 8, you can disable the start-up programs by navigating to the Start > Run > msconfig > Start-up section. If you’ve Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installed on your system, launch the Task Manager and then head over to the Start-up tab. Doing so will help you improve the performance of your PC.

On the other hand, if your system has Quick PC Booster installed, you can enable or disable startup programs with just a single click. Once the list has been managed, the results are truly impressive. You’ll notice the difference the next time you start up.

  1. Delete the Remaining Files

Boost Your PC Speed - Delete the Remaining Files

The next way to increase your computer speed is to delete the remaining files that are left behind by the programs or software you’ve uninstalled. There are various folders that are, sometimes, unreachable to not-so-tech-savvy users and hide in multiple folders on Windows.

Although the cleaning process can indeed be mind-numbing, it’s necessary if you want to speed up your slow PC. To make the job quite easier for you, it’s recommendable that you use a cleaning software. Quick PC Booster is a one-stop-shop that helps you uninstall applications and remove unwanted leftovers completely with a great ease.

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How to Boost Your PC Speed in No Time
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How to Boost Your PC Speed in No Time
Here, we’ll provide you with a series of simple-to-follow steps to help you boost your PC speed in no time. Let’s take the plunge.
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