WhatsApp Stopped Working
WhatsApp Stopped Working: The Messaging Service Resumes After Worldwide Outage

The messaging service WhatsApp stopped working for users worldwide on Thursday evening. Reports of the outage have started appearing around 2 PM EST, showing that users were unable to send and receive messages. The outage map indicates that users in America and Europe were most affected.

WhatsApp stopped working – the news came like a panic alert for some users. Though there are many alternatives to WhatsApp, users reacted with glee and horror at the outage as ‘the world fell apart’.

People affected by the mystery outage have moved to other social media platforms to vent their wrath. Twitter was flooded with users across the planet, tweeting with #WhatsAppdown to report problems with sending messages.

WhatsApp Was Down

WhatsApp stopped working in India, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Romania, Italy, France, the U.S., Holland, and more. The app offered a push notification, saying ‘checking for messages’, but none had been come for over half an hour. A WhatsApp spokesperson said,

“WhatsApp users around the world are unable to access the service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to fix the issue as soon as possible.”

This is the second outage the popular messaging service has faced in the past few months. WhatsApp was down back in May 2017 when it was unable to connect to its servers, making it impossible to send and receive messages.

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After suffering an extensive global outage, WhatsApp messenger has finally resumed. The outage was lasted less than an hour, according to reports. However, the company didn’t tell the reason why WhatsApp was down.

WhatsApp has more than 1Bn users across the world and is continuously rolling out new features to grab the #1 position in the messaging market. Recently, the app has introduced a new update for iOS, allowing you to directly play YouTube videos without leaving chats. It even lets users navigate to another chat window while watching the video.

Last month, WhatsApp has rolled out the Delete for Everyone feature. It enables you to delete a sent message, from your as well as the receiver’s phone. However, the feature comes with a 7-minute time limit.

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WhatsApp Stopped Working: The Messaging Service Resumes After Worldwide Outage
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WhatsApp Stopped Working: The Messaging Service Resumes After Worldwide Outage
The messaging service WhatsApp stopped working for users worldwide on Thursday evening. Click/tap on the link to read the full post.
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