10 Best Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 You Should Check Out

Owing to a raging rise in web menaces like ransomware, the need for a powerful system security solution is something you can’t neglect. But what if you’re a not-so-tech-savvy kind of person and fully unaware of which tools you should keep in your system to not fall a victim of ever-evolving online threats? Well, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is merely go through our post on 10 best anti ransomware tools 2017 and grab the one that suits you best.

There’s no second thought to the fact that the calamitous effects of ransomware are abiding to create havoc in our lives. Every day a new ransomware anecdote grasps the limelight. And this year is no exception: 2017 has also witnessed one of the biggest ransomware attacks, i.e. WannaCry Ransomware. It’s known to all that the ultimate aim of every ransomware is to demand a massive amount of bucks. And the worst part is that whether you pay ransom or not, attackers will still destroy your data or files.

So, it’s always better to wrap your system within the glossy, productive layer of an anti ransomware tool. Here, we’ll delve into the ransomware-free world. You’ll have an easy time in choosing one of the best anti ransomware tools 2017 to keep your valuable data at bay from any hazardous attacks.

Best Anti Ransomware Tools 2017

  1. Bitdefender Anti-ransomware Tool

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Bitdefender Anti-ransomware Tool

With fabulous features and an intuitive interface, Bitdefender has topped our list of top 10 anti ransomware tools 2017. The tool runs alongside your usual security software to safeguard your system against the most common forms of ransomware and their offshoots. It shields your computer against WannaCry, Petya, Locky, TeslaCrypt, Petva, etc. Other additional features include malicious URL blocking, on-demand scan, and to name a few.

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware Tool

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware Tool

Malwarebytes anti-ransomware tool is included with its commercial suite Malwarebytes 3.0. The tool not only acts as decrypter but also it protects you from phony websites and links. It keeps an eye on all activities on your system and identifies suspicious actions. Once it has enough evidence to determine a certain process or thread to be ransomware, the tool blocks the infected files and quarantines the ransomware before it has a chance to encrypt your files.

  1. Kaspersky Anti-ransomware Tool

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Kaspersky Anti-ransomware Tool

One of the reputed anti ransomware tools 2017, Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool numbs the malicious infections. It runs silently in the background and constantly examines system behavior and patterns, blocking nasty activities when it happens. The system security tool has been particularly designed for small- and medium-sized companies, so in case you’re looking for a large enterprise solution you need to consider a different option.

  1. Trend Micro Security

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Trend Micro Security

Another tool in our list of the best anti ransomware tools 2017 is Trend Micro Security that diminishes the risk of infection on your system. It comes with a Folder Field feature that adds an extra defense layer to files inside a shielded folder. The feature even averts every process or services from accessing files inside that specific folder. Also, the tool nips notorious ransomware in the bud.

  1. Avast Antivirus

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Avast Antivirus

Remove ransomware from your system immediately with Avast Antivirus. It is one of the best anti ransomware tools 2017 that deals with ubiquitous threats like ransomware in an efficient manner. What sets apart Avast Free Antivirus from rest is that it utilizes Behavior Shield technology to analyze system behaviors. It also provides multiple ransomware decryptors to get rid of ransomware and decrypt your files.

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  1. Zemana AntiMalware

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Zemana AntiMalware

Intended for scanning and clearing a computer from malware, Zemana AntiMalware offers real-time protection and browser cleanup functions. The tool is based on its signature database and removes the known as well as yet-to-be-born malware threats. Bonus in the program is its lightweight and highly optimized nature that stores the virus definitions in the cloud to avert cluttering your PC. Overall, it can be termed as one of the best malware removal tools 2017, which not only removes malware but also takes care of your system against hazardous ransomware.

  1. McAfee Ransomware Inspector

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - McAfee Ransomware Inspector

McAfee is a well-known name in the kingdom of cybersecurity. McAfee’s Ransomware Inspector prevents the file encryption attempts made by hijackers. By making use of machine learning and heuristics, the tool monitors and terminates the processes that resemble the characteristics of ransomware. It is available for Windows 7 and later.

  1. Ransomware Protector

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Ransomware Protector

Ransomware Protector is one of the powerful anti ransomware tools 2017 that keeps all your data safe and sound, be it your documents, emails, photos, videos or other files. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that even if cyber terrorists hack your system, your data will be stored at a secure cloud location. This means that paying ransom will not be your last resort. You can download the stored data in just one go. It encrypts your data with SSL technique, ensuring that no one can access your data apart from you.

  1. Hitman Pro.Alert

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Hitman Pro Alert

Want to keep your privacy intact? Opt for Hitman Pro.Alert. The tool specializes in detecting intruders like crypto ransomware, remote access tools, banking malware, and any sort of malware that exhibits threats on your system. It eradicates all traces of infection to keep your machine safeguard.

  1. Microsoft’s EMET

Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 - Microsoft EMET

Abbreviated as EMET, Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit has raised the bars against cyber attackers by shielding your system against all threats whether they’re known or unknown. There are 12 security mitigations in EMET that include defense-in-depth measures for your machine. It is compatible with most commonly used third-party applications, ranging from productivity software to music players. When you browse secure HTTPS websites on the Internet or sign in to popular social media sites, EMET protects you by validating Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates against a set of user-defined rules.

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10 Best Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 You Should Check Out
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10 Best Anti Ransomware Tools 2017 You Should Check Out
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