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10 Best Progressive Web Apps You Can Use Right Now

Progressive web apps have hugely transformed the mobile web services to offer a native app-like experience for users. PWAs work just like native apps and include many interesting features like smoother navigations, offline modes, and push notifications. In this article, we’ll make you aware of some of the best progressive web apps that you can use right now on your system. Once you visit the web app through the links provided, a pop-up notification will allow you to add the particular app to your phone’s Home screen. Let’s explore them one by one.

Progressive Web Apps

  1. Telegram

Progressive web apps - Telegram

Telegram messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps with a web client that you can add to your system. Its progressive web app has an open API making it faster and responsive on both Android and iOS devices. If you use Telegram or just want to try your hands for the first time, visit its site and sign in with your phone number.

  1. Forbes

Progressive web apps - Forbes

Known for its superfluous quotations, numerous ads and slow loading times, Forbes has turned its mobile site into a progressive web app to enhance user experience with faster load times and highly visual content. What’s more, the app also includes great capabilities like offline reading and push notifications specifically for Android devices.

The site includes a new story format dubbed Cards which is based on the layout of Snapchat Stories. Cards may be swiped through and can feature photographs, infographics, or videos. Furthermore, Forbes has developed Fluid, a new format for its in-house advertising designed for faster loading on mobile devices.

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  1. Financial Times

Progressive web apps - Financial Times

The international newspaper covering all sorts of business and economics news may be your go to information portal if you’re interested in knowing the corporate world. But why install an app to get the latest news when you have the option to use FT website as an app on your smartphone. Right? You can visit the app’s website and simply add it to your Home screen without installing it. Once the app is launched, it will update all the latest news automatically.

  1. Notes

Progressive web apps - Notes

The next app among our list of best progressive web apps is Notes. It’s a simple note-taking app that saves all your scribblings on the local storage of your phone. The app comes with a simple and decent user interface which is fast and is always ready to note down bits and pieces. Just visit the app’s website and you will get a pop-up to add the app to your phone’s Home screen.

  1. Flipboard

Progressive web apps - Flipboard

For those, who are familiar with the news curator app should consider trying Flipboard’s web app. Similar to its native app, Flipboard progressive web app user will be able to select themes and get an access to customized aggregated content. Users have the access to content that is displayed in a magazine-style format to offer an uninterrupted readability.

You can also customize or create your own collection of information to read. You just need to visit its website and from your browser’s menu choose the option to add Flipboard to the phone’s Home screen.

  1. Pariksha

Progressive web apps - Pariksha

Pariksha is yet another app among our list of best progressive web apps. It is an online platform catering to students preparing for entrance examinations like JEE or for final year engineering students. The online portal helps students by offering them with more them 50,000 questions to practice and analyses their performance and efficiency through tests.

You can add Pariksha Lite web app on your smartphone by going to its website and saving it to the Home screen by heading over to the browser menu.

  1. Flipkart

Progressive web apps - Flipkart

The lite version of one of the most popular shopping websites among online users, Flipkart has incorporated almost all features from its native app into the web app. It uses three times less data as compared to its native app and has faster loading time, irrespective of the network. You can easily browse through the complete catalog of products and services available on Flipkart. All you need to do is just visit the app’s website and from your browser’s menu, add Flipkart Lite to your smartphone. Flipkart Lite leverages the open web APIs to design a native app-like experience through the web browsers themselves. No doubt, this is one of the best progressive web apps you can use right now.

  1. Washington Post

Progressive web apps - Washington Post

Washington Post is a news agency site that loads a lot of third-party content to keep itself up-to-date. In order to maintain the nominal performance even while running this third-party content, the app uses the service workers to constantly cache the content in the background. This offers a feature-rich and frictionless reading experience to their readers even when offline.

  1. Paytm

Progressive web apps - Paytm

One of India’s biggest digital payments platform which is a one-stop shop for all your bill payments, shopping, and recharge services, Paytm also has a web app. You can skip installing the Paytm app and instead try your hands on their web client that works just like the app. What’s more is that the app will also work in areas where there is low network signal. Just visit its web apps and add the page to your phone’s Home screen through the browser menu.

  1. Freecharge

Progressive web apps -Freecharge

Freecharge is yet another big name in the digital payments market. It deals strictly with mobile recharges and bill payments. They also occasionally offer their users with discounts. All you need to do is just go to its website and add the page to your phone’s Home screen to access it just like the app.

So, these were some of the best progressive web apps to make you more familiar with them.

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10 Best Progressive Web Apps You Can Use Right Now
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10 Best Progressive Web Apps You Can Use Right Now
Progressive web apps have hugely transformed the mobile web services to offer a native app like experiences for users. Let’s explore them one by one.
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