Apple iMac Pro
Apple iMac Pro to Come with Always-on Siri

We all know that Apple is continuously putting its efforts to make its newest product the most powerful iMac ever. Apple iMac Pro is anticipated to feature tremendous specifications. Recent reports reveal that the device will be shipped with an Apple A10 Fusion coprocessor to support always-on Siri voice recognition system.

The latest development will make the forthcoming Apple iMac Pro the first Mac in the company’s history to come with a coprocessor. However, if we look into the BridgeOS 2.0 code, a mention of the Apple’s A10 coprocessor has found, which powered the iPhone 7 last year. Apple iMac Pro will likely boast a stripped-down version of it to handle certain macOS security processes along with enabling always-on ‘Hey Siri’ support on the desktop for the first time.

With the introduction of iMac Pro with Siri, Apple can finally rival Microsoft in offering an always-on voice assistant on the desktop. Nonetheless, Windows 10 has already Cortana support enabling users to launch apps, search the web, and find files. In case you’re using Hey Siri on your iPhone, having Siri on your computer too can make it easier to switch between devices.

Apple iMac Pro

Apart from A10 Fusion chip, Apple iMac Pro is anticipated to accompany by 512 MB RAM to support the standalone Siri integration. Making use of iOS-style processors isn’t new to Apple as the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar utilizes a T1 chip running a variant of iOS. Although there have been rumors for years that the tech tycoon has plans to use its iOS chips to power typical MacBooks, the addition inside a $5000 iMac already powered by an Intel Xeon processor is surely a surprise.

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Just because Apple is including A10 Fusion chip in its upcoming iMac, it doesn’t mean that the company is about to totally hinge on its native chips. So, it has been accepted that the next-generation iMac Pro may feature an x86 processor as the primary powerhouse.

Let’s talk slightly more about what the newest iMac Pro has to offer in its basket. The device will feature up to 4TB of SSD storage and a 5K display, which is 43% brighter than the previous Mac. It provides support up to 128GB of RAM and comes packed with 16GB RAM preinstalled. Furthermore, it includes the Radeon Vega graphics, which are three times faster than the earlier Mac. The device even supports up to 10GB Ethernet.

It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will make its mind to bring ARM chips to its laptops in future. However, it’s still a question that why didn’t the company use the latest A11 Bionic chipset and chose to go with a year old A10 Fusion.

Although the Cupertino-based mogul has not yet rung up the curtains from the release date of iMac Pro, it can be said that it will arrive before the year is out. So, you will not have to wait too long.

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Apple iMac Pro to Come with Always-on Siri
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Apple iMac Pro to Come with Always-on Siri
Recently, reports reveal that Apple iMac Pro will ship with an A10 Fusion coprocessor to support always-on Siri voice recognition system.
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