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5 Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try Now

Although Google Maps is twinkling like a shining star in the sky of online mapping industry, that doesn’t mean it’s the best navigation app for your device. Undoubtedly, it provides a remarkably extensive mapping data and supplementary features such as Street View and satellite representation, but it still misses some crucial features like multi-stop navigation and real-time offline map downloads. There are umpteen of apps out there boasting these features and just as speedy and accurate as Google Maps. Here, we’ve listed 5 best Google Maps alternatives you surely want to check out. Let’s have a look:

Best Google Maps Alternatives

  1. Bing Maps

Best Google Maps Alternatives - Bing Maps

You’ll be amazed to know that Bing Maps is as old as Google. Formerly known as MapPoint, the Microsoft-owned map service comes wrapped with plenty of features, including 3D views and a traffic overlay.

Bing has a tendency to choose different routes from Google. However, in the Bing Maps vs Google Maps battle, Google usually grabs the top position when it comes to journey planning. But if you’re seeking clean and additional feature like OS maps, 3D views, together with Street View, Bing Maps is the ultimate choice to opt for.

  1. Here WeGo

Best Google Maps Alternatives - Here WeGo

Here WeGo is one of the best Google Maps alternatives that offers turn-by-turn directions for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit riders. It also boats real-time traffic information, the functionality to share your location with friends and family members, nearby points of interest, as well as offline map downloads when you don’t have a data connection.

It provides support for over 200 countries and gives you up-to-date info and prices on all the public transport like around your area. Here WeGo offers current route conditions using different information like speed cameras, police reports, construction sites, Twitter feeds, and other related data. With the app, you can even find a faster route if needed.

Platform: Android, iOS, Web

  1. Waze

Best Google Maps Alternatives - Waze

Looking for a friendly driving community that’s dedicated to keeping the public informed about upcoming speed traps? If so, Waze is the app for you to consider. As this app is all about social networking, so you can sync events from your phone’s calendar and Facebook account, and plan trips with your friends. It is one of the best alternatives of Google Maps if you want to see the ETAs of friends who’re traveling to the same place as you are.

A community-driven map service, Waze offers really cool features including user-reported gas prices. Although the app is owned by Google, this navigation app is completely different from Google Maps. It has a robust community of users from which it collects real-time traffic data as well as user-reported incidents like road closures, police traps, and accidents.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Web

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  1. BackCountry Navigator

Best Google Maps Alternatives - BackCountry Navigator

In case you’ve found yourself in the middle of Lord Knows Where, download BackCountry Navigator app now. It is one of the great Google Maps alternatives that details even the topography of the land.

The app makes use of GPS waypoints and lets you enter the longitude or latitude coordinates of your location. All in all, BackCountry Navigator is a vital companion when you’re out in nature, hinging on highly detailed topography maps from various sources like OpenCycleMaps, USTopo, and even nautical maps from the NOAA RNC.

Platform: Android

  1. MapQuest

Best Google Maps Alternatives - MapQuest

Another alternative in our list of best Google Maps alternatives is MapQuest. The app especially comes handy when you use public transportation for commuting. It enables you to compare transportation services for your route such as car2go or Uber and book cars directly from the app. Bonus in the app is that in case you like walking to different places, the app displays you about how many calories you will burn.

Other useful features of the app are ETA, re-routing, location sharing, real-time traffic conditions, the ability to detect slow-downs/construction sites/accidents/cameras, weather reports, roadside assistance…you name it. MapQuest also includes some basic features of Google Maps such as bookmarking, nearby locations to visit, turn-by-turn navigation, satellite view, and more.

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5 Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try Now
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5 Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try Now
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