Remove Chrome Hijackers
How to Remove Chrome Hijackers in Minutes

Have you ever downloaded a game on your PC? Did you find that game came bundled with a malicious program trying to hijack your browser settings? Well, you are not alone facing this issue. This trend is taking the software market by storm. In fact, the issue aka hijacker is growing continuously at an alarming rate. It slows down your browsing speed and spawns ads into almost every page you visit, so it’s wise to wash it out from your browser. Don’t know how? No need to worry, we’re here to help you out. This post covers all about   how to remove Chrome hijackers in a matter of minutes. Let’s go through:

Remove Chrome Hijackers

  1. Extensions

An extension or third-party app is often the root of the browser hijacking. To remove browser hijackers in minutes, click on the Menu bar at the top-right side. Afterward, select the Tools option and then click on the Extensions option. Once done, a list of extensions installed in your browser will display. Simply disable the ones that can be the culprit.

Remove Chrome Hijackers - Extensions

In case you’re little confused about an extension, opt for the help. Look for the reviews of an extension by navigating to the Chrome Web Store. If others rate it poorly, throw it out from your web browser.

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  1. The Default Search Engine

Even though you’ve disabled a shady-looking extension that was injecting ads into your browser, traces may still remain. The next step to remove Chrome hijackers is to check the default search engine settings.

From the Extensions menu, click on the Settings option resting on the left side. You’ll be presented with a list of settings. Find and click on the Search option. A drop-down menu will let you select your favorite search engine.

Remove Chrome Hijackers - The Default Search Engine

There’s also an optional follow-up step to completely remove the offending search providers. Select the Manage Search Providers option and click on the X symbol next to the provider’s name you want to remove.

Remove Chrome Hijackers - Default Search Engine Settings

  1. The Home Page

Just like the default search engine, many malicious extensions also change your default homepage. So, to get rid of Chrome hijackers, you need to check two spots in your browser.

First, navigate to the Chrome’s settings and click on the On Startup section. In case ‘open a specific page or set of pages’ is the chosen option, click on the Set Pages option and make sure that none of them look strange. If you find them strange, remove them and set them back to whatever you like.

Remove Chrome Hijackers - Home Page

Second, under the Appearance section in the settings menu, choose to show the Home button. Again, in case the page listed here seems weird to you, change it and you’re good to go.

Remove Chrome Hijackers - Set Home Page

So, that’s how you can remove Chrome hijackers in minutes. Have you experienced any malicious browser extensions? What are your tactics to avoid bundled-in software? Sound off in the comments section below.

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How to Remove Chrome Hijackers in Minutes
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How to Remove Chrome Hijackers in Minutes
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