Firefox Quantum
Introducing Firefox Quantum, the First Browser to Threaten Chrome

Have you ditched Firefox a while ago due to its slower speed than rival browsers like Chrome? Mozilla has decided to win you back. It has recently introduced new Firefox version dubbed Firefox Quantum. The company claims that it’s twice as fast as the version from 6 months ago.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is built on a completely revamped core engine with spanking new technology. The web browser is graced with a stunning new look design, which appeals to every user at the very first impression. Firefox Quantum aka Firefox 57 comes with a sleek user interface with the option to customize the toolbar and, under the hood, major performance enhancements.

The biggest selling point of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome is the smaller RAM usage. With the new Firefox browser, you can surf a ton of web pages, open a zillion tabs – all hassle-free as it uses less memory than its rivals. Not only it provides a faster speed to load and render web pages, but also its user interface remains quick and highly responsive even under heavy load with thousands of tabs.

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Come as a surprise, Firefox Quantum surpasses the performance of Google Chrome in a browser speed test battle. It also features Pocket recommendations of which websites to browse on every new tab. Other features such as Night Mode are offered as Firefox free add-ons.

Firefox Quantum

The fastest version of Firefox integrates technology from Mozilla’s Servo research project. The project has written in the Rust programming language. The company has made enhancements in its web browser so that the tab you’re on gets prioritized over all others, making a superior use of your important system resources. Best of all, it can run in parallel across multiple CPU cores to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs.

Developers of Firefox have also been sprucing up every bit of the browser, endeavoring to remove any instances of slowness you may encounter.

For the first time, Firefox is now a proper multi-process browser. Apart from a smaller memory footprint, Quantum renders images with lightning speed. Another useful feature of the browsing application is its ability to quickly search using any search engine you like. Firefox Quantum shows instant results as you type a query in the address bar. However, its default search engine will remain Google.

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So far, the new Firefox’s big-bang update surely feels snappier than the older one and feels like a modern browser. Even if you’ve switched to Chrome, it’s worth giving Firefox Quantum a spin.

How to Download and Use Firefox Quantum?

You can grab the new browser from Mozilla’s site. In order to make the most of its syncing features, you need a Firefox account. For those who’re unfamiliar with the term, the syncing features make sure you can access your web browsing history and other preferences on its Android as well as iOS apps, as you do with your Google account.

Download and Sync Firefox Quantum

You can set up your account right when you open Firefox Quantum. Simply enter your email address and password, and specify which information you want to sync between devices. Moreover, it lets you import your data from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to remain up to date and spare yourself the tedium of re-entering passwords.

Here’s a closer look at the new Firefox Quantum, the browser you’ve been waiting for.

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Introducing Firefox Quantum, the First Browser to Threaten Chrome
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Introducing Firefox Quantum, the First Browser to Threaten Chrome
Have you ditched Firefox a while ago just because it’s slower than rival browsers like Chrome? Opt for Firefox Quantum now!
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