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WhatsApp iPad App May Soon Hit the App Store

Is WhatsApp finally coming to iPad? Well, according to the latest leaks, iPad owners may soon see WhatsApp on App Store. After years of existence, WhatsApp is finally gearing up to bring its service to devices (iPads) apart from smartphones. Latest reports suggest that the company is prepping a WhatsApp iPad app. References of WhatsApp for iPad have been spotted on the latest desktop version of the app.

The Facebook-owned messaging service has recently introduced the WhatsApp 0.2.6968 update for its desktop as well as web clients. And now, it seems that there are references to icons for Apple’s iPad. However, it’s not clear whether WhatsApp iPad app will come as a standalone application or will just a client application like WhatsApp Web.

Although the company is yet to confirm the news, there’s no second thought of the fact that the WhatsApp desktop update clearly indicates that something is being developed for Apple’s iPad lineup. It remains to be seen what WhatsApp is actually cooking up behind the scene for iPad owners.

At the moment, there’s no official WhatsApp iPad app, but one can get the chat app on their device by making use of different tricks or by downloading third-party apps from the App Store.

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Recently, the instant messaging and VoIP service has introduced a slew of new features to take the user experience to the next level. Earlier in this month, WhatsApp has updated with the Delete for Everyone feature allowing users to recall or revoke sent messages. Furthermore, live location sharing has been added as well.

It has also expected that WhatsApp will make a big splash in the coming months with another app built exclusively for businesses. The app will soon allow users to send or receive digital payments to/from their peers and colleagues. As per reports, this feature will be dubbed WhatsApp Pay and may be rolled out later this year. Also, it will support UPI-based payment services.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that WhatsApp has suffered a few outages, which is partly due to its ever-growing user base and maybe, due to the introduction of various new features, including digital pay and other business features.

Given that WhatsApp is reportedly working on Apple iPad app, so why the company is still ignoring Android tablets? Well, sales can be a reason behind this. In accordance with International Data Corporation (IDC), tablet sales continue to decline annually as well as quarterly.

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The latest Q3 2017 report, which appeared in November, shows that growth in Q3 2017 has declined by 5.4% yearly. The drop also marked the ‘twelfth consecutive quarter of annual decline’.

Jitesh Ubrani, an IDC senior research analyst, said that there’s an affinity for low-cost tablets in the market and this remains steady notwithstanding for premium vendors like Apple.

The same report suggests that Apple is still at the top number with around 10.3Mn shipped units and this is essentially owing to the company’s lower-priced iPads. So, introducing WhatsApp iPad app can be a recipe for success. However, Samsung grabs the second position in the list but is nowhere close when it comes to shipments. This can be a reason why WhatsApp or any developer is not making the effort to build an app for Android tablets.

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WhatsApp iPad App May Soon Hit the App Store
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WhatsApp iPad App May Soon Hit the App Store
Latest reports leak that the company is prepping a WhatsApp iPad app. Read on to know how soon you'll see WhatsApp on App Store.
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