Keep Digital Files Safe
5 Simple Ways to Keep Digital Files Safe

With the advancement of technology, it has become the priority to keep digital files safe from hackers or accidental deletion. Despite the volume of traffic over the Internet, anything you send and receive online is susceptible to hacking. Not to worry as in this post, we’ll make you aware of some of the better ways to keep digital files safe and secure. Let’s have a look.

How to Keep Digital Files Safe

  1. Keep Your Emails Secure

How to Keep Digital Files Safe - SendSafely

If you want to keep your emails secure, you can go for a service called SendSafely. The service offers you an end-to-end encryption so that you can easily send emails in a more secure way. In addition, you can also make use of it with services like Outlook and Gmail as an extension. The free version will give you around 50MB of data per month. This is an amazing way to keep digital files safe.

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  1. Encrypt Your Data While Sharing Them

How to Keep Digital Files Safe - Encrypt Your Files While Sharing Them

It is always better to have a file encrypted before we share it with anyone. It’s a simple process to encrypt your files while sharing them with any of your friends or colleagues. All you need to do is just head over to a file transfer website that offers an encryption feature or you can opt for an email service having file encryption option. Senditonthenet, Sendinc, Tutanota, and ProtonMail are some of the services that allow you to send a secure email.

  1. Encrypt Gmail

How to Keep Digital Files Safe - Encrypt Gmail

If you’re using Gmail, you should be aware of a tool called CryptUp, which also comes as a Chrome extension. The service has the ability to secure your email attachments right away, without having to modify your mail system. You can safely send files over the Internet using any mail system that supports file attachments. The service can be used for an end-to-end encryption of your Gmail inbox. While adding the extension, the utility will add a Secure compose button next to the regular compose button in Gmail. You can also encrypt your attachments with the help of this tool.

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  1. Go for Better Encryption on Cloud

How to Keep Digital Files Safe - Boxcryptor

To have a better encryption on the cloud, you can opt for a service called Boxcryptor that has support for most of the cloud storage providers. It also works on all popular desktop and mobile platforms. This is also one of the ways to keep digital files safe.

  1. Keep Your Information Private Using Tool

How to Keep Digital Files Safe - PrivNote

Sometimes, there are situations when you need to share your confidential information like passwords, credit card details, and other personal info with a friend. After giving security card numbers or other details, we usually get into the process of changing multiple passwords. However, you can avoid this by using a tool known as PrivNote. The application allows you to send a note that gets removed as soon as it’s read. In addition, you can make it even more secure with a unique password. The service also features an option of sending you an email to notify that your note has been destroyed.

That’s all! So these were some of the ways that help you keep digital files safe.

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Digital Files Safe
Despite the volume of traffic over the Internet, anything you send online is susceptible to hacking. Here, we’ll tell you how to keep digital files safe.
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