Hidden Android Functions
5 Hidden Android Functions You Should Know

Android is stacked with numerous tools, features, and configuration options. However, there are a lot of useful but lesser-known hidden Android functions that most of the people haven’t discovered yet. In this article, we’ll tell you about some hidden Android functions that you probably don’t know. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Hidden Android Functions

  1. Save Battery Power

Hidden Android Functions - Save battery power

If you choose a black or simple dark background for your device’s screen, the automatic pixel highlighting will turn off and you’ll notice that your device keeps its charge for much longer. Unfortunately, this feature is currently available only on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets, so if you own one, check it out.

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  1. Smartphone Remote Control

Hidden Android Functions - Smartphone remote control

If you ever lose your phone, you can use this useful Android function to shut it down remotely. All you need to do is just head over to Settings > Security > Device Administrators. You can check the boxes for Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase. So, if you lose your smartphone, you can locate and block it without losing your data via this link.

  1. Guest Mode

Hidden Android Functions - Guest Mode

If you’d like to temporarily give your phone to your friend yet keep your personal data confidential, you can use Guest Mode. To access this feature, you can swipe down from the top using two fingers and select the user icon in the upper right. You’ll get Add Guest option that allows you to customize what actions your guest is allowed to take. Depending on your phone, you may find these options in Private Mode through Settings menu.

  1. Text-to-speech

Hidden Android Functions - Text-to-speech

The next function among our list of hidden Android functions is text-to-speech. This function allows you to hear your incoming information rather than getting it visually. To access this function, you need to navigate to Settings > Accessibility. Next, you can turn on the Text-to-Speech output option.

  1. Hotspot Mode

Hidden Android Functions - Hotspot mode

By activating the hotspot mode, you can basically turn your smartphone into a 3G modem or a router that feeds Internet to other Internet-enabled devices. To do so, go to Settings > Tethering & portable hotspot. You can then turn on Portable WLAN hotspot. That’s it!

So these were some of the hidden Android functions. Don’t forget to share these functions with your family and friends.

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5 Hidden Android Functions You Should Know
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5 Hidden Android Functions You Should Know
Android is stacked with so many tools and configuration options. There are a lot of hidden Android functions that many people haven't discovered yet.
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