Protect iPhone X
4 Best Ways to Protect iPhone X

It’s really annoying when the screen of your phone breaks or gets damaged. And if your iPhone X ($999.00 at Apple) suffers some catastrophic breakage, this can be extremely terrible. What hurts, even more, is the cost to repair your iPhone’s screen. You’ll be surprised to know that Apple charges a staggering $279 for iPhone X screen repair. The OLED panel used on the iPhone X isn’t cheap and it costs a huge amount to replace it. In this post, we’ll make aware of some of the best ways to protect iPhone X including an insurance option that’s more affordable than AppleCare.

How to Protect iPhone X

  1. Get a Durable Case

How to Protect iPhone X - Get a Durable Case

This is the first thing you should do when you buy iPhone X. No doubt, iPhones are considered one of the best devices anybody can have. You can protect iPhone X against sudden bursts of gravity or sudden acts of butterfingers.

There are many new cases released for Apple’s latest flagship smartphone. Ideally, you can opt for an extra-durable case like an OtterBox case. For example, the Defender Series ($50) offers both drop and dust protection with a belt-clip holster. Just make sure to choose the one with a raised front lip, the better to shield the screen against face-down drops. If you want something slimmer, you can opt for the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case that will wrap around your iPhone and offer protection at the same time.

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  1. Screen Protector

How to Protect iPhone X - Screen protector

The next step for you to protect iPhone X is to get a tempered glass protector. The screen protector mainly absorbs most of the shock and impact when dropped and will break. This will protect the actual screen from breaking and shattering.

There are numerous iPhone X-compatible screen protectors. One of the highly-rated options is the Anker Karapax offering dual-layer tempered glass with double defence technology. You can get a pack of two for $8.95. You can pair this with a case and you’ll get an excellent and affordable protection for your iPhone X.

  1. Get a Grip

How to Protect iPhone X - Get a Grip

Having a hard time operating that large screen one-handed? Not to worry as there are a lot of accessories that make easier to get a grip on your phone and less likely to drop it and cause damage. You can go for the Ninja Loop, a simple strap that works with nearly any case. Loop is little more than a strong strip of fabric. It costs around $5 and adds absolutely no bulk or weight to the iPhone. You can also use PopSockets. These are flat, self-adhesive plastic discs popping out to give you a two-fingered grip with a stand. Using these accessories, you can easily operate your iPhone X one-handed.

  1. Buy Apple Care or Insurance

How to Protect iPhone X - Buy Apple Care or Insurance

All of the major carriers offer iPhone insurance policies, but they’re quite expensive. So, it’s better to get AppleCare+ plan, though Apple charges a sturdy $199 for an iPhone X AppleCare+ policy. This offers two years of protection which includes accidental damage.

However, there’s another option which is a little more affordable and that is SquareTrade. It charges $129 for a two-year plan and it’s available for all iPhones including the iPhone X. There’s also an in-home repair option adding just a $25 deductible, which is actually the cheapest option as other repair methods come with a $99 deductible.

So these were some of the best ways to protect iPhone X.

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4 Best Ways to Protect iPhone X
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4 Best Ways to Protect iPhone X
In this post, we’ll tell you about some of the best ways to protect iPhone X including an insurance option that's more affordable than AppleCare. Read on.
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