Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin
How to Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin

If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward tool to establish a remote connection between two computers over the Internet, Ammyy Admin is the ultimate option. The tool provides you with a dominant and valuable way to set up remote connections. In this article, you’ll learn about how to access remote desktop with Ammyy Admin.

There’re several reasons why you may want to view a remote PC’s screen across the Internet. The most common need for remotely connecting to a PC is when you want to help your friends and family in solving their PC issues without leaving the comfort of your desk. There are numerous remote access tools to get the job done. However, Ammyy Admin is the best option available in the market. The networking tool not only lets you remotely access a PC from any location but also offers a high level of data transfer security. It comes handy especially for businesses to link with their clients via remote connections during office session.

Moreover, the desktop sharing tool offers fast performance and file manager. It comes with a video chat feature allowing you to communicate with your partners at a remote desktop. Due to this feature, the Windows software is widely used for virtual classes, presentations and for holding online conferences. Ammyy Admin uses AES and RSA security algorithms to encrypt all your communications with remote desktop including display images.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to access remote desktop with Ammyy Admin. The steps are as follows.

Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin

  1. Download Ammyy Admin for Windows
  2. Once the downloading process has completed, click on the .EXE file to install Ammyy Admin
  3. The tool will run with a simple interface on your desktop screen immediately after successfully installation
  4. For another user with whom you’re establishing a remote connection, he/she also needs to download and install Ammyy Admin. Once done, the ID number will prompt automatically under the Ammyy Admin interface
  5. Type the ID number of the other user in the Client ID field and click on the Connect option in the left panel
  6. Now, the remote connection has been established and you can easily access remote desktop with Ammyy Admin

Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin - Connect buttonBest of all, Ammyy Admin uses internal traffic optimization algorithm, which ensures that you always get optimum display performance regardless of your Internet connection (dial-up/LAN). You can even customize picture quality and data transfer rate manually if needed.

The file manager feature of this remote access tool allows you to manage files or folders on both local and remote computers. You can easily copy files or folders of up to 140 Tb along with the ability to resume interrupted downloads without any data loss.

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How to Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin
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How to Access Remote Desktop with Ammyy Admin
In this article, you’ll learn about how to access remote desktop with Ammyy Admin. Click or tap on the link to read the full post.
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