5 Spooky Halloween Games You Should Play

Whether it’s wandering through a haunted house or playing spooky games, Halloween is the most popular time of the year when people embrace being scared. There are a lot of spooky Halloween games out there running the gamut from subtle psychological thrills to simple zombie shooting. It’s that obligatory time of the year when you play at least one scary game.

Well, in the spirit of the spookiest season, today we’ve covered a small collection of spooky Halloween games that you can play leaving a plenty of time for costume parties and trick-or-treating. Let’s have a look at dark and creepy games.

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Spooky Halloween Games

  1. The Park

Spooky Halloween Games - The Park

Set in a sinister amusement park hiding a dark and creepy secret, The Park is a two-hour long psychological horror experience focusing on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action. It is a psychological horror game from Funcom that came out in 2015.

In this game, you can play as Lorraine, a single mother who searches for her son, Callum, in an abandoned creepy theme park. This horror game explains Lorraine’s story and sentiments in soliloquies as the player passes through the amusement park. It’s very much clear that Lorraine suffers from depression and anxiety.

  1. The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

Spooky Halloween Games - The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

In this game, you’re a child at a sleepover and your buddy keeps talking about their uncle who works at Nintendo, getting them access to all the best games. It is usually a mythical figure, but in The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo, he’s real (just not quite human). He’s also visiting at midnight and he’s very hungry. This spooky game draws real dread from the weird mystique around the development of the game, the subtle childhood friendships and the simple horror of waiting for a late-night knock on the door.

  1. Anatomy

Spooky Halloween Games - Anatomy

Fear is a feature of the architecture in Anatomy, a body horror tale about a ghostly house where the body is the house. The game shudders awake with a screen that looks very much like a VHS tape, then drops you in a shadowy room where lines of static occasionally drift across your vision.

There are no jump scares while you explore the house, only a sense of dread growing as you inch your way through corridors cloaked in a darkness that dares you to step forward. A cassette player in the kitchen crackles with a message: “There is a tape in the basement.” Will you go?

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  1. What Remains of Edith Finch

Spooky Halloween Games - What Remains of Edith Finch

The next game among our list of spooky Halloween games is What Remains of Edith Finch. The adventure tracks the history of the titular Finch family and the game is a collection of short stories. In this game, each story provides a chance to get an experience the life of a family member. The experience lasts around two hours and Edith Finch packs in a wide range of experiences into that short span along with terrifying and delightful stories, each with their own unique gameplay. Well, this spooky game is all about what it feels like to be astonished by an unknowable world around us.

Check out the video below to know more about this spooky game.

  1. Near Death

Spooky Halloween Games - Near Death

It’s the era of the 1980s and you’re a pilot whose plane crashed at an abandoned Antarctic research base. As soon as your plane crash-lands in Antarctica, you’ll find yourself stranded at an abandoned research base in the middle of a deadly snowstorm. Plunged into sheer darkness and conditions far too harsh to allow for rescue, you can use the tools at your disposal in hopes of escaping and finding your way home.

Walk through the video below to know more about the Near Death game.

So these were some of the spooky Halloween games to make you more familiar with the spookiest season of the year. Happy Halloween 2017 from the entire team of SoftwareVilla.

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5 Spooky Halloween Games You Should Play
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5 Spooky Halloween Games You Should Play
In the spirit of the spookiest season, we’ve covered some spooky Halloween games that you can play, leaving behind costume parties and trick-or-treating.
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