Download Android Oreo Beta
How to Download Android Oreo Beta on Your Phone

With the release of the first official version of Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has announced that a public beta of the first “dot” update is on its way. There are two types of routes for you – one is the traditional developer route and another one is the Android Beta Program route. In this article, we’ll tell you about how to download Android Oreo Beta on your phone. Let’s have a look.

Android 8.1: What is a Public Beta?

Android 8.1 - What is a Public Beta

For those who don’t know about the public beta, it is a “work in progress” build released prior to a consumer rollout of the final software. Google offers the beta version to collect and incorporate user feedback. The goal is to tease out problems with specific devices and enable developers to update apps to support Android 8.1’s new features or changes if there are any.

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Android 8.1: Public Beta Supported Devices

Android 8.1 - Public Beta Supported Devices

In the initial phases, Google is offering Android 8.1 for Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C. So far there’s no mention of any other smartphones. Unlike the previous year, Google has not included any non-Nexus/Pixel handsets.

How to Download Android Oreo Beta

Download Android Oreo Beta

Google wants to make it as simple as possible for you to try Android 8.1 on a device, so it offers the Android Beta Program.

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Follow the steps listed below to know how to download Android Oreo Beta.

  1. Visit to sign-up to the Android Beta Program
  2. Next, you can sign into your Google account while prompted
  3. Your eligible devices will be listed on the following page. Just click to enroll in the Beta Program
  4. Updates will arrive over the air directly to your device

That’s it! Once you’ve enrolled, you will continue to be updated to every new version of the Android Oreo beta automatically, over-the-air. In case you don’t want such updates or if you decide you’re no longer want the beta software, you can follow the steps above, but then you need to click to unenroll device.

Please note that if you’ve used the Android Beta Program before and enrolled your device for the Android Nougat program then you’ll need to re-enroll your handset. You don’t automatically get upgraded to Android Oreo. You can follow the steps above to make sure you keep getting beta software.

Traditional System Image

The more traditional way to download Android 8.1 developer preview is to navigate to the system image/manual flashing route. You can download photos from Google and flash those images onto your device, but it will be a clean install with everything erased.

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How to Download Android Oreo Beta on Your Phone
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How to Download Android Oreo Beta on Your Phone
Google has announced a public beta of the first "dot" update. In this article, we’ll tell you on how to download Android Oreo Beta on your phone.
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