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How to Repost on Instagram: 2 Easy Ways to Reshare Content

In this social media era, sharing has become the popular trend among users. When people see a beautiful post on social media, they share it right away. Facebook has the Share button, Twitter has the Retweet button, Pinterest has the Pin button – almost every social network makes it really easy to share someone else’s posts with your friends. If you’re a regular user of Instagram, you must know that you can’t share others’ posts. However, there’re some cool tricks that you can use to repost on Instagram. Yes, you’ve read that absolutely right!

Here, we’ll make you aware of 2 easy ways to reshare content on Instagram. Let’s get started.

Repost on Instagram

  1. Using a Reposting App

There are several third-party apps that allow users to repost on Instagram such as Repost for Instagram for Android and iOS, and Insta Repost. Both of the apps are free to download and use. Here’s how to repost on Instagram with Insta Repost app:

  • Download and Install the Insta Repost app on your device
  • Once done, open the Instagram app and find a post you want to repost
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen

Repost on Instagram - three vertical dots

  • A pop-up menu will arise. You need to tap on the Copy Share URL option to repost on Instagram

Repost on Instagram - copy share URL option

  • Insta Repost app will automatically launch. You’ll be presented with a prompt letting you choose Repost Now or Save to repost later In case you want to post immediately, tap on the first option

Repost on Instagram - repost now option

  • If you choose the second option, i.e. Save to repost later, the post will be filed under the Saved section in the Insta Repost app. You can access the saved post by tapping on the star tab at the top side. When you want to repost the said content, tap on the saved post in question

Repost on Instagram - repost later option

  • Whether you choose to repost now or later, you’ll eventually arrive at a screen shown in below. Once here, tap on the Repost button at the bottom side to repost on Instagram

Repost on Instagram - repost button

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  1. Take a Screenshot and Post it

There are various reasons not to download a reposting app. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of giving yet another app access to your photos and files or you don’t want to clutter up your phone’s storage with more apps. Despite the fact, if you don’t want to use an app to repost on Instagram, you can just take a screenshot of a post you like and share that.

Once you take the screenshot, just open the Instagram app and upload it as you would any other photo or video in your camera roll. Don’t forget to credit the creator of the original post!

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How to Repost on Instagram: 2 Easy Ways to Reshare Content
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How to Repost on Instagram: 2 Easy Ways to Reshare Content
Here, we’ll make you aware of 2 easy ways to repost on Instagram. Let’s get started. Click or tap on the link to learn more.
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