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Apple to Introduce Cheaper iPhone X Models in 2018

Rumors claim that Apple will introduce cheaper iPhone X models next year. The tech major is working on two new versions of the iPhone X that will reveal in 2018.

Apple is designing iPhone X models particularly to make them more affordable than the current variant. The goal is to target areas of the world that aren’t keen on more expensive smartphones. The new iPhone X variants will be codenamed Lisbon and Hangzhou. However, these codenames are quite different relative to D10 and D20, which the company used for its previous-gen iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices respectively.

This means that Apple is going to be taking a different turn with this sole ‘name calling’ and can leave its mark on the ever-evolving market with a cheaper price. Nevertheless, Samsung’s unique supplier status is not going to be threatened as it has been reported that the South Korean manufacturer will continue to charge Apple for its OLED technology till 2019.

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The iPhone X is reported to be a difference maker in the smartphone industry with shipments around 35-40Mn estimated until the fall of 2017 and a 6% increase in overall shipments to be observed in 2018. It comes with a price tag of $999, which may not bode well for millions of consumers. And most of the analysts are claiming that Samsung’s sole dependency on OLED screens may be one of the reasons for this price increase.

Cheaper iPhone X Models in 2018

In case you’re waiting to get a new iPhone next year, there’s a good news for you because Apple has been rumored to release two iPhone X models in 2018 that will feature a smaller price tag than the edge-to-edge glass-touting iPhone X.

One of the two Apple iPhone X models can be a smaller variant while the other unit can be an answer to the Note series. Some vague reports suggest that the lower-end model will be 10,000 Yen cheaper than the current iPhone X.

According to the grapevine, these affordable iPhone X models will come with an OLED display. Unlike conventional LCD displays, an OLED screen features pixels that fabricate their own light instead of relying on a backlight. This enhances the overall power efficiency and also lets the screen show truer blacks since individual pixel can be completely disabled.

Cheaper iPhone X Models

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It’s quite possible that other display manufacturers will be brought into the fold, however, will have a lesser production capability as compared to Samsung. With the launch of new iPhone X models, the official price of the bezel-less smartphone will decrease allowing it to deliver superior value for customers’ money.

However, it’s recommended to take rumors with a pinch of salt. We will be back soon to relay concrete info for you. Stay tuned with us!

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Apple to Introduce Cheaper iPhone X Models in 2018
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Apple to Introduce Cheaper iPhone X Models in 2018
A new rumor claims that Apple will introduce cheaper iPhone X models next year. As per this rumor, the company is working on two new versions of iPhone X.
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