Block SMS Spam on iOS 11
How to Block SMS Spam on iOS 11

iOS has the ability to filter messages from unknown senders, which are not in your contact list. But, it has not been able to put an end to the flood of unwanted SMS from advertisers. With iOS 11, Apple has introduced the new capability to separate junks from essential messages. You just need to install third-party apps from the App Store that helps you block SMS spam on iOS 11. These SMS spam blocking apps will sort spam messages into a folder called SMS Junk. So, if you’re looking for the way to declutter your inbox, just read our complete post to know how to block SMS spam on iOS 11.

Before you get on to start blocking SMS spam, you need to be aware that the third-party apps will be able to read your messages. If your privacy matters a lot to you then this could be a serious issue. Be sure to read the privacy policy of the app and see if developer appears reliable and has other apps with good reviews as well.

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SMS Spam Blocking Apps on iOS 11

Before we get started with the process on how to remove spam messages on iOS 11, let’s first talk about some of the best SMS spam blocking apps. They are:

  1. SMS Checker

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - SMS Checker

SMS Checker is a machine learning-based SMS filtering app available for free if you’re willing to add keywords manually. The SMS spam blocking app will help you fight against junk text messages. The app makes it very simple to create a whitelist and a blacklist along with multiple toggles for custom keywords in the message or in the sender’s name. It gives you a definitive solution with its smart filters that are created using machine learning.

There is an in-app purchase (Rs. 500) to enable online filters for automatic blocking. If you don’t prefer the subscription-based blocking app, then you can pay one-time in-app purchase and get SMS Checker.

  1. SMS Shield

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - SMS Shield

Entering each and every unfavorable keyword to filter messages can be tiresome. So, it will be much simpler for you to use SMS Shield as it can automatically identify spam SMS like phishing, promotional ads, and scam attempts via machine learning algorithms. It is a subscription-based app (Rs. 300 per year) allowing you to block spam messages both manually and with the help of its machine learning algorithms.

SMS Shield works quite well and blocks spam texts without any hitch. Besides spam blocking, SMS Shield includes some great features like Frequent Traveler Mode. You can enable this feature during your business-related traveling to block annoying SMSs sent by mobile operators while you visit different countries. Overall, SMS Shield is one of the best SMS spam filtering apps but requires you to shell out $3.99 for a yearly subscription.

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  1. VeroSMS

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - VeroSMS

VeroSMS is a great SMS spam blocking app allowing you to block spam messages using targeted keywords. It is an SMS Spam filter app focused on maintaining users’ privacy and filters spam texts using keywords that you set. This way none of the SMSs’ are sent to any server for analysis and your messages remain confidential. An in-app purchase worth Rs. 80 helps you block texts based on crowd-sourced keywords.

So, if you’re looking for a simple yet effective SMS filtering app that sends SMS into the junk folder, VeroSMS should be your sure shot.

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11

Follow the steps listed below to know how to block spam texts on iOS 11.

  1. First of all, download and install any one of the above-mentioned SMS spam blocking apps on your iOS device
  2. Once done, go to Settings > Messages to enable the feature

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - Settings

  1. Under the Message Filtering section, tap on Unknown & Spam

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - Unknown & Spam

  1. Under SMS Filtering section, you can select the spam blocking app you want to use
  2. If you tap on any of these apps like VeroSMS, you’ll get a pop-up window with a privacy-related warning message. Just tap on Enable to activate spam SMS filtering on your device

Block SMS Spam on iOS 11 - Enable

  1. When you return to the Messages section, you’ll find that a new SMS Junktab has been added to your message inbox on iOS 11. All unsolicited texts will now appear under this tab.

So these were some of the apps that help you block SMS spam on iOS 11.

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How to Block SMS Spam on iOS 11
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How to Block SMS Spam on iOS 11
If you are looking for the way to declutter your inbox, just read our complete post to know how to block SMS spam on iOS 11.
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