WhatsApp Emojis
WhatsApp Emojis: New, Redesigned Set is Available on the Beta Version

From adding the ability to delete sent messages and switch between voice and video calls to the granular storage control feature, WhatsApp has been testing various new features in its beta program for Android devices. And today, the Facebook-owned company has unveiled its own emoji set for the first time. Interestingly, the new WhatsApp emojis bear great similarities to Apple’s emoticons. However, the pristine set of smiley faces will now most likely look the same irrespective of your mobile OS.

In case you own an Apple device, you’ll possibly continue to see the same emojis.  This is because WhatsApp emojis look similar to Apple’s tiny cartoon images. However, if you use an Android phone, you’ll see the new ones eventually.

WhatsApp Emojis

The popular messaging platform has been started using Apple’s emoji set back in the times when Android had no support for emojis. In order to make sure the emoji sent by iPhone users will be seen on Android devices, WhatsApp has integrated the entire Apple emoji set within its app.

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Although there are clear differences for some WhatsApp emojis, others are too close to what Apple has in its emoji set. Right now, emoticons are only available in the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android. This means that it’s not completely certain that these changes are final.

WhatsApp Emojis Vs Apple Emojis

There is still a possibility that these emojis may also get a redesign in the final version. In any case, if testing completes without any major bugs or the feedback is good from the testers, everyone should get WhatsApp emojis very soon. The good thing is that if these emojis roll out, there’ll be more consistency across all mobile platforms.

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While there’s no official word regarding the roll out or proper release date, it’s clear that the emojis has yet to make its way to iOS. However, WhatsApp emojis will likely to land on Android devices mostly by fall of this year.

New WhatsApp Emojis

Rather than taking the initiative to put together its own designs, the instant messenger certainly didn’t hesitate to draw inspiration from Apple’s own emojis. No doubt the new emoticons will likely to appeal some users, the move seems like an unnecessary effort provided that the new designs will likely to confuse both Android and iOS users. Frankly speaking, there’re already too many choices when it comes to emojis.

Apart from WhatsApp emojis, the company is also testing an Unsend feature letting you recall a message you may have sent mistakenly.

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WhatsApp Emojis: New, Redesigned Set is Available on the Beta Version
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WhatsApp Emojis: New, Redesigned Set is Available on the Beta Version
Interestingly, WhatsApp emojis bears great similarities to Apple’s emoticons. The pristine emoji set will most likely look the same across all platforms.
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