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12 Useful Free Google Tools for Content Marketers

Many of you will call Google simply a search engine. But, it is more than that as it offers a lot of free tools that can be hugely valuable if you are a content marketer. In this article, we’ll cover a list of 12 useful free Google tools for content marketers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur to the world of content marketing or an expert in this field; this post would certainly change your perspective towards content marketing in future. Let’s explore these free Google tools one by one.

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers

  1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Keyword Planner

As a content marketer, you should always be searching for keywords to give your blog post or website a boost. Out of many free Google tools, the Google Keyword Planner is one of the best ways to conduct keyword research. The tool can help you search for new keyword ideas and suggestions. There are a lot of good things to be liked about this tool together with its user-friendliness. Please note that you will need to set up an AdWords account to use the Keyword Planner.

So, if you are looking for a tool that helps you find the best keywords for your business then Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the perfect solution for you.

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  1. Google Trends

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Trends

The next tool comes under the section of free Google tools is Google Trends that allows you to view latest topics along with the top news stories. With this tool, you’re able to look for a topic or news story that matches your business and make your blog post relevant.

Moving forward, the tool allows you to evaluate the popularity of certain terms and compare them against other keyword variations. It also shows related keywords, which can be helpful in getting new keyword suggestions.

  1. Google Analytics

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular Google tools that you can use as a content marketing professional. This tool helps you get an instant snapshot of your performance over a particular frame of time. Google Analytics has the ability to give the answers of all important analytical questions. Along with this, it also provides a wealth of information like:

  • Demographics – Learn more about your audience, including their age, gender, language, and geographic location.
  • Technology Used – Find out what operating systems, browsers, and networks your visitors are using to view your website.
  • Mobile Information –Find out how many of your visitors are using mobile technology.
  • Social Engagement – See what social networks visitors come from and how they communicate with your website’s social plugins.
  • Top Content – Handles how effective your content is by seeing your top entry and exit pages. This will help you continue to produce new content.
  • Traffic Sources – Analyze what websites, search engines, keywords, and other referrers send traffic to your site.
  • What Leads to Conversions – You can also establish goals in Google Analytics to see which of your site visitors complete conversions such as purchasing a product or signing up for a mailing list.

For campaigns like paid search, email marketing, and social ads, Google Analytics enables marketers to link their Google Adwords account to Google Analytics for data syncing.

  1. Google My Business

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google My Business

With Google My Business, you can easily get free business advertising on Google. All you have to do is just claim or add your advertising on GMB. Once done, you need to complete your profile by giving your phone number, address, and business category. You can also add photos and videos, and your business can get featured in the search results as well as in Google Maps for local searches.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

  • People can learn more about your organization based on the information that you provide.
  • It gives the opportunity to put your organization in front of customers who’re interested in what you have to offer.
  1. Google Webmaster Tools

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is another useful tool that gives a large amount of valuable data. It is a must-have tool for webmasters and SEOs. If you have already set up your website with Google Analytics, you can easily add it to Google Webmaster Tools to start learning the following sections.

  • Site Configuration – It checks your website’s settings on the web, including site links, URL parameters, change of address, and users who have access.
  • Site Optimization – It includes your sitemaps, content keywords, HTML improvement suggestions, and other resources.
  • Site Health – It includes stats, crawl errors, blocked URLs, and malware alerts.
  • Site Traffic – It includes internal links, search queries, and +1 reports.

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  1. Google Alerts

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Alerts

Google Alerts is also one of the most useful free Google tools for content marketers. It helps a lot in getting relevant content on the web. The tool keeps you apprised of the latest news stories and allows you to know when someone mentions your company, brand, products, executives, or your competition, whether on a third-party review site or even a social network or blog.

When you enter a search query, you’ll get a sample of the results you’d receive and the option to have them delivered regularly to your email inbox or RSS reader. You can use this to keep up with your competition as well to see where they’re getting mentioned or are building profiles.

  1. Google Search Console

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Search Console

In addition to reviewing the overall performance of your site, there are several things that you can apply with this Google Search Console. It allows you to quickly analyze and monitor your site’s performance on Google Search.

If you’ve ever wondered how your keywords are performing, you can click the Position box to learn more. This will consequently show you the position for all of the keywords that appear within Google Search. Isn’t it great? Well, it is.

  1. Google+

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google+

Google+ is a great place to connect with others including business partners while sharing content. It helps you grow your network and discover content that can impact your marketing business. And special thanks to personalized search results as you can get a higher rank than normal in search results for those you’re connected with the network.

  1. Google Sheets

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Sheets

Content marketers need a system for tracking even sharing data. For this purpose, Google Sheets is one of the most efficient ways to record data, track changes, as well as collaborate with others.

While Google Sheets may not offer the same functionality as these tools, it’s still one of the best ways to remain organized. If you’ll regularly update your spreadsheet, you will have a positive impact on your content marketing efforts.

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  1. Google Mail (Gmail)

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Mail

Gmail is Google’s free email platform that boasts a smart inbox filtering system. One of the best features of Gmail is its ability to filter messages into multiple labels and have them bypass the inbox totally or simply label them for archiving. It helps you keep your inbox neat, clean and well organized.

With so many plugins to choose from, you should be able to customize your inbox to meet your every requirement as a content marketer. This alone can save you quite a bit of time and money.

  1. Google Calendar

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Calendar

Being organized is a key to being a product marketing professional and Google Calendar is one of the best free Google tools that can help you. It provides many useful features to keep you on track at all times.

Google Calendar allows you to set up reminder alerts appearing as pop-ups when you’re logged into your Google account or via email. You can use this tool to keep track of guest posting opportunities, chats, advertising expiration dates, editorial calendars, etc. You can share your calendar with others or even to the public and embed it onto your website.

  1. Google Docs

Free Google Tools for Content Marketers - Google Docs

Google Docs is a simple yet effective tool that is used for sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and tables with others to view online or download. You can also collaborate with multiple users or just give access to a read-only version of documents. In addition, you can also create forms and send them via a link or directly in an email to collect survey answers, post information, and other data.

The tool keeps a check for spelling errors and provides an accurate word count. It also allows you to easily insert screenshots. Moreover, it makes it simple to collaborate with multiple users and share the document with them.

So these were some of the useful free Google tools to enhance your content marketing results.

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12 Useful Free Google Tools for Content Marketers
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12 Useful Free Google Tools for Content Marketers
Out of many free Google tools, Google Keyword Planner is one of the best one to conduct keyword research. It helps you search for new keyword ideas.
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