Android Oreo Review: Should You Upgrade to Version 8 or Not
Android Oreo Review: Should You Upgrade to Version 8 or Not

Google has unveiled the curtains from its latest Android OS update: Oreo 8.0. Before you install the Oreo update on your mobile, we’d like to make you familiar with all the new features that the Oreo has in its basket. Here’s a detailed Android Oreo review, which will help you decide if you should upgrade to the latest version or not. Let’s get started.

Android Oreo Review

  1. Appearance

Android Oreo Review - Appearance

The Settings menu has been refined and greatly reduced in size as compared to the last Android version.

Best of all, Android 8 Oreo allows you to choose and select the shape you like from the available options such as default, round, square, teardrop, and squircle. The latest version of Oreo also endows you with the new circular emoji. Persistent notifications will appear in more condensed notification cards, which can be further expanded for more information.

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  1. Faster Booting

Android Oreo Review - Faster Booting

The next point the needs your consideration in our Android Oreo review is faster booting. Google says the boot time has been cut to half and background activity has been reduced for a zippier experience.

Although, the overall speed enhancements have been less noticeable, the boot time makes a difference. Multitasking is very fast and the split-screen mode has worked well across a variety of applications. Nevertheless, more of the benefits from such features count on how developers make their apps compatible with new Android builds. The feature comes handy when you really need a fast reboot on your device.

  1. Battery Life

Android Oreo Review - Battery Life

Apps running in the background have long been the #1 reason for poor battery life on Android devices. But now, the new version of Android makes it harder for badly-behaving apps to run in the background draining your phone’s battery.

With Android O, Google has introduced background execution and location limits keeping a watchful eye on rogue apps and not allowing them to exhaust your battery by running, using data, or constantly asking for your location when they’re not in the foreground.

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  1. Improved Audio Performance

Android Oreo Review - Improved Audio Performance

High-performance Bluetooth audio is one of the best Android Oreo features to grab the attention of Android masses. Sony has offered its LDAC codec to Google for inclusion in Oreo, giving users the ability to enjoy superior audio quality.

Bluetooth 5 support is another well-admired feature of Android Oreo. Like HDR display support for full gamut color apps, Bluetooth 5 is an investment for future.

  1. Quicker Access

Android Oreo Review - Quicker Access

From Google Now to Google Assistant, the tech major wants to deliver the most relevant information when it’s needed. There are various refinements and features of Android O that offers users a quicker access. To get familiar with them, continue reading our detailed Android Oreo review.

We’ll start with notification dots, which are Google’s answer to unread badges. A small dot, with a color matched to the app icon on which it appears, will alert you to any notifications you may have missed. These dots are visible in both app drawer and on the home screen. When you long-press an app icon anywhere in Android O, you’ll get app-specific launcher shortcuts for each app.

Another highly popular feature of Oreo is picture-in-picture mode, letting users watch a video while doing any other task. The feature is like a free-form video version of split-screen functionality. In supported apps, hitting the home button will keep your video playing in a movable window in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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Final Thoughts

Android Oreo Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, our Android Oreo review indicates that it’s the best Android version to date. The thoughtful changes to notifications stand out above the plethora of behind-the-scenes tweaks that you’ll benefit from. All thanks to a host of enhancements and new features, the operating system is a welcome addition to your phone.

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Android Oreo Review: Should You Upgrade to Version 8 or Not?
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Android Oreo Review: Should You Upgrade to Version 8 or Not?
Here’s a detailed Android Oreo review, which will help you decide if you should upgrade to the latest version or not. Let’s get started.
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