How to Find and Clear Hidden Windows Caches

Clearing cache is one of the best ways to give your PC a smart run or to speed PCs up! Doing so not only deletes temporary files and frees up storage space, but will also help your computer run smoothly, especially if you have not cleared the cache of your system for a longer time. Do you find the said process a little tricky? Well, not anymore! Just go through this how-to tutorial and get to know the simple process of detecting and removing hidden Windows caches.

Find and Clear Hidden Windows Caches

  1. Clear Windows 10 Update Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - Windows 10 Update Cache

Windows 10 Creator Update has a built-in feature letting you free up storage space. It clears up Recycle Bin in 30 days along with the unused App data. To use the feature, you need to:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Storage section on your system
  2. Enable the toggle to automatically clean up space
  3. Follow the link that says Change How we Free up Space
  4. Now, you’ll be accompanied with lots of options, including delete files that have been in the Recycle Bin for over 30 days and delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using. You can even do it manually by clicking on the Click Now button

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  1. Clear Temp File Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - Temp File Cache

Another tip among our tips to find hidden Windows caches is for temp file cache. Windows has a system directory, where all temporary files are stored. These files include a temporary data that programs need for a short span of time. To clear hidden Windows caches for such files, click on the Start button and head over to the Disk Cleanup application.

Launch the app and select the Windows drive you want to clear. Next, check on the temporary files tab and unmark all the options available there and click on the Ok button.

  1. Clear Windows Store Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - Windows Store Cache

In case you download anything from the Windows Stores, caches are formed taking up a lot of disk space. As a result, your download process may interrupt or even stop. To remove it, there’s a utility option namely WSReset.exe that allows you to clear all hidden Windows caches.

Press the Windows key + R key combination to open Run and then type WSReset.exe in the box and click on the Ok button or press the Enter key.

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  1. Clear System Restore Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - System Restore Cache

When your PC might fail to work, the System Restore option always comes handy. Generally, it helps you restore just everything in your system that has been lost. Well, that certainly doesn’t mean you should have the cache file on your computer. To clear System Restore cache, open the Start menu and search for the System application.

Open the app and click on the System Protection option. Next, select the drive you want to clean and click on the Configure option. Finally, click on the Delete button to erase all the restore cache files.

  1. Clear Web Browser Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - Web Browser Cache

Caches are a very common issue while browsing the web. However, clearing cache entirely depends on the browser you use. For instance, if you’re using Google Chrome, go to the Settings > Advanced Settings section. Under the Privacy Settings section, click on the Clear Browsing Data option. Now, select the Cache Images & Files option to delete cache.

Are you using another web browser for Internet surfing and willing to know how to delete that browser’s cache? Simply make a quick tour around our How to Clear Browser Cache in All Major Browsers post.

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  1. Clear Thumbnail Cache

Clear Hidden Windows Caches - Thumbnail Cache

Thumbnail cache is one of the hidden Windows caches that can make your system slow. In order to clear it, click on the Start button > Disk Cleanup app. Now, select the system’s drive to clear and wait until it analyzes the system file. Once done, just check the Thumbnail option and click on the Ok button.

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How to Find and Clear Hidden Windows Caches
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How to Find and Clear Hidden Windows Caches
Do you find it a little tricky to clear hidden Windows caches? Well, not anymore as in this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the simple process to do so.
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