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Twitter is Reportedly Working on a New Tweetstorm Feature

Nowadays, tweetstorms are regarded as a staple of Twitter – it’s quite common to draft a string of tweets and then send them out all together. Whether or not you feel that’s the best use of Twitter, it could soon be much easier to create such epic-length stories. Hidden inside Twitter’s Android app, the tweetstorm feature simplifies the process.

Now, rather than posting tweets individually and replying to them consecutively, you can compose everything behind the scenes and share it all at once. Twitter’s tweetstorm feature would provide users with another way to circumvent the 140-character limit of the social media app by making tweetstorms easier to write and post.

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By wrapping tweetstorms within a graphic user interface, Twitter could make sharing extended thoughts more accessible to everyone. Whether it’s telling a suspenseful story or going on a long-winded rant that should have been a blog post, the new tweetstorm feature enables you to dole out an in-depth and more nuanced content.

Twitter Tweetstorm Feature

At the moment, the company declined to share any information on if or when this feature will ever launch, but it said that it’s currently unavailable for public testing.

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Whether making tweetstorms easier is useful or not, it’s up for debate. Some think you should either condense your feelings or thoughts into a tweet or write a separate blog post and link to it with your tweet. And others assume that a sequential format can offer a unique reading experience and achieve a wider audience than an offsite blog. Whichever the way, the Twitter sorting algorithm reduces the importance of content with weak feedback, so if the audience is getting bored from tweetstormers then they will pay the price in visibility.

Twitter Tweetstorm Composer

Presently, users who want to compose a string of connected tweets or a tweetstorm need to manually reply to each of their previous tweets. This can take a while and it’s easy to mess up things, especially if you keep replying to the original tweet in the chain, so if this hidden and unlaunched tweetstorm feature is ever rolled out, it appears it could simplify the whole process.

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Twitter is Reportedly Working on a New Tweetstorm Feature
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Twitter is Reportedly Working on a New Tweetstorm Feature
Latest reports suggest that Twitter is working on a new a tweetstorm feature that allows users to compose a string of tweets and send them all together.
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