Windows 10 Search Tricks
5 Superb Windows 10 Search Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

With the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 10 back in July 2015, millions of people are using Cortana to search files/folders, complete tasks, as well as organize your calendar. For those who don’t know about Cortana, it is a virtual assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri, built into the Windows 10 OS. Well, there are many Windows 10 search tricks that help you search your system faster and smarter with and without Cortana.

If you feel it takes too much time searching for things on your Windows system and not getting enough time actually doing your tasks, just go through our post to know about some of the hidden Windows 10 search tricks. Let’s get started.

Windows 10 Search Tricks

  1. Know Your Filters

Windows 10 Search Tricks - Know your filters

In Windows 10, you can search terms either by typing in your search query or simply asking Cortana. While using the search box in the taskbar, you can instantly get results from your local files, documents, web, and elsewhere. But, you’ll be happy to know that Windows 10 features some search filters that can help you narrow down your search results.

Have you noticed the icons at the top of the search panel? Those icons are search filters for Windows 10. Just click on the down-arrow button at the top-right side of your system’s screen to view all of the search filters available for you. If you want to start a search, you can simply type anything into a search filter right in the search box. Just enter the filter term like Documents, Music, Apps, Folders, Settings, Photos, Videos, and web, followed by a colon and then add your search terms. Go ahead and start using them!

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  1. Search From File Explorer

Windows 10 Search Tricks - Search From File Explorer

The Cortana-powered search box in the taskbar is not the only search box in Windows 10. Just like you use Chrome or Edge to browse or search the web, you can use Windows Explorer to search terms in your Windows system. If you’re already in Windows Explorer, there is no need to jump out of that window to find a file; in fact, you can use the search box at the top-right side of your system’s screen. It will consequently search for the directory you’ve selected in the left panel. However, results may be a bit slow when you search for a large directory but searching a particular file or folder in Windows Explorer is much faster.

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  1. Save Your Searches

Windows 10 Search Tricks - Save Your Searches

If you find yourself performing the same searches day after day, you can save your searches in Windows Explorer to make those subsequent searches easier. Once you enter your search terms in the search box of Windows Explorer, you can click on the Search button from the ribbon that runs along the top of the window. You can tweak your search parameters for file size, date, and file type.

When you set your search parameters, just click on the Save Search button and give your search query a name. This way your saved searches are saved inside the Searches folder by default, but you can save them to any folder you like.

  1. Settings App And Control Panel

Windows 10 Search Tricks - Settings App And Control Panel

Windows 10 has added a new Settings app but the old Control Panel is also available on the system. Most of the Windows 10 users don’t know exactly about which settings are present in the Settings app and which are in the Control Panel. Thankfully, there is an easy method to search both.

When you search terms using the search box in the taskbar, the results under Settings will have either a color icon next to them or a black and white icon.

Let’s have a look at keys:

  • Color icon – a setting in the Control Panel
  • Black and white icon – a setting in the Settings app

If we talk about the Settings app, it also displays results from the Control Panel with similar colorful icons and will kick you over to the Control Panel while clicking on a search result.

  1. Quick Calculations

Windows 10 Search Tricks - Quick Calculations

If we talk about simple calculations, you can skip the step of searching for the Calculator app in Windows 10. Just enter the equation directly into the search box inside the taskbar and get results. Not only will you get your answer but you will also get an online calculator.

That’s all we’ve in our list of 5 hidden Windows 10 search tricks to make your tasks much faster on your system.

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5 Superb Windows 10 Search Tricks You Probably Don’t Know
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5 Superb Windows 10 Search Tricks You Probably Don’t Know
There are many Windows 10 search tricks that help you search your system faster and smarter with and without Cortana. Let's dig a little deeper.
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