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Top 10 Free eBook Reader Android Apps

In this hi-tech digital world, eBook reader apps have replaced the conventional printed books. A lot of people love to read eBooks on their smartphones because of the easy availability and convenience. You can easily read articles, magazines, newspapers, comics, etc. on your smartphone by downloading eBook reader apps on your Android device. With these apps, you can quickly search for books of your choice and start reading them right away. Today, we’ve curated a list of top 10 free eBook reader Android apps. So let’s not waste the time and turn your phone into a massive library.

Free eBook Reader Android Apps

  1. Aldiko Book Reader

eBook reader Android apps - Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the oldest eBook reader Android apps that supports PDF, EPUB formats, as well as Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. You can read, buy, and explore thousands of eBooks from different catalogs. The application has a decent UI that is easy to use and offers nifty features like global text search in a book and some organizational features.

While accessing this app, you’ll get a lot of options to customize settings for easy reading. This eBook reader allows you to adjust font size, font type, background and font colors, alignment, margin, line spacing, as well as brightness to best suit your needs. Not only this, but you can also create your own bookmarks anywhere in the book.

Overall, Aldiko offers a great reading experience with its large collection of features. It is available on the Google Play Store with its free and paid versions.

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  1. Kindle

eBook reader Android apps - Kindle

Kindle is one of the most popular eBook reader Android apps that allows you to read, buy, and download millions of free eBooks. The application has a built-in dictionary that makes it easy to look up new words while reading and moreover, Amazon Prime subscribers can borrow books from their library. Apart from this, you can also sync eBooks across multiple devices and platforms.

What’s more, you can also customize eBooks as per your choice and even read text books and magazines in high resolution. You can choose your preferred font size, background color, screen brightness, and orientation for reading eBooks. The app is free but requires Amazon account to buy eBooks.

Overall, Kindle offers access to Google Search and Wikipedia that ultimately enhance your reading pleasure.

  1. Kobo Books

eBook reader Android apps - Kobo Books

With Kobo, you can download and read hundreds of thousands of eBooks, comics, text books, magazines, and a lot more. It automatically syncs your notes, bookmarks, and highlights so that you can keep reading across all devices and platforms.

The app also offers famous free eBooks and stories to enhance your reading experience. You can customize settings by adjusting the size and style you prefer. Along with this, you can try Night Mode to make reading easier on your eyes and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode to read how you like.

Kobo allows you to browse its huge catalog of the world’s best eBooks, comics, magazines, etc. and read them conveniently on your smartphone. You can search books by author, topic, title, or genre. You can also add books from the web, email, or Dropbox account. Moreover, you can also share your ideas, post your activity on Facebook, and other social media networks.

With this eBook reader app, you can read anytime, anywhere, from a catalog of around 4Mn topics. Its wide database of interesting titles will satisfy the needs of all kinds of readers. Amazing!

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  1. FBReader – Favorite Book Reader

eBook reader Android apps - FBReader

FBReader is the most popular eBook reader Android apps that supports a wide variety of formats, including EPUB, FB2, RTF, Doc, HTML, and plain text. You can customize settings and improve your reading experience. You can choose colors, font type, size, animations, bookmarks, etc. to suit your reading style. The app organizes your library by authors and titles, providing a simple view.

Moving further, the application also includes a browser/downloader to access different network eBook catalogs and stores. It comes bundled with 8 online catalogs that offer access to a large set of eBooks. The app is integrated with popular dictionaries like SlovoEd and ColorDict.

  1. NOOK –Read eBooks & Magazines

eBook reader Android apps - NOOK Read Books Magazines

Nook is a great eBook reader app for Android that has a huge collection of over 3Mn books, newspapers, comics, magazines, and more. The app syncs your bookmarks, last read page, and notes across multiple devices and platforms. You can also adjust the brightness for reading in dim lighting during the night. What sets this app apart from others is that it supports talk back and magnification feature for visually-challenged people.

Nook has over 1000 magazines and newspapers, which add a lot of extra stuff to read. You can shop for eBooks, newspapers, magazines, and more by visiting the NOOK Store either in the app on your Android device or at NOOK.co.uk.

  1. Cool Reader

eBook reader Android apps - Cool Reader

Cool Reader is yet another eBook reader app that supports several different eBook formats, including EPUB, FB2, Doc, Txt, RTF, HTML, MOBI, and PML, along with OPDS and LitRes support. In addition to its wide range of supported file types, it also has a decent interface with some cool animations to give it a bit of realism.

Cool Reader has an inbuilt file browser, text to speech support, dictionaries, and fonts support. It allows you to bookmark pages, search content, customize settings according to your preferences. You can use volume keys to scroll, day and night mode, and online catalogs (OPDS) support. And yes, it also offers a day/night toggle that offers background and backlight levels for optimal reading.

The app offers a fully customizable interface, text formatting for any font size, and smooth scrolling that makes reading a pleasurable activity. The experience is rather enjoyable and the app is free to download so it’s worth a shot.

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  1. Free Books & Stories – Wattpad

eBook reader Android apps - Wattpad

Wattpad is a simple eBook reader with a user-friendly interface and allows you to read over 20Mn free eBooks and stories. The app allows you to change the background and text color as per your preference. You can also adjust the font size so that it is comfortable while you read.

What’s the best part of this app is that you can connect with your favorite writers, chat with other readers, sync your library with tablet, web, and other devices. Well, you can also write eBooks using this digital eBook writing app so that others can read your views. You can save your favorite stories and take them with you wherever you go—even offline. You can connect directly with writers and other readers and discuss your points by leaving comments alongside the latest stories.

Overall, the app offers a wide selection of books, magazines, and newspapers, making it one of the most popular eBook reader Android apps.

  1. Google Play Books

eBook reader Android apps - Google Play Books

Google Play Books has a huge collection of around 4Mn eBooks available for purchases and rents. The interface is intuitive with Material Design elements and this is a great option if you’re looking for an eBook platform. You can easily adjust font size and customize even more of your reading experience. You can read online or offline and pick up where you left off on your phone.

This eBook reader app supports various different reading modes and text to speech settings. You can also sync reading page, notes, and bookmarks across multiple devices and platforms. The application comes pre-installed in most of the devices and needs credit or debit card details even for trying free eBooks. Get started reading today!

  1. Moon+Reader

eBook reader Android apps - Moon+Reader

Moon+ Reader is yet another eBook reader Android app that comes with a variety of features, including themes, support for various formats like EPUB, PDF, Mobi, FB2, TXT, HTML, RAR, ZIP, OPDS, CHM, CBR, and CBZ, and various scroll modes to make reading easier. You can customize reader bar function. The app supports online eBook libraries as well as personal eBook server. It allows you to read local books with smooth scrolling and tons of innovation.

The app has a status bar that displays your reading progress. It offers a unique reading pleasure by providing fine control over display settings. The app is available for free, though a pro version of the app provides additional functionalities. Overall, Moon+ Reader is a great eBook app for the avid reader.

  1. Bookari eBook Reader Premium

eBook reader Android apps - Bookari eBook Reader

Bookari eBook Reader used to be called Mantano Reader and it’s one of the most recommended eBook reader Android apps. It supports most of the common eBook formats, including EPUB2 and PDF. You can sync your library across multiple platforms. It provides advanced synced bookshelves to organize your eBooks across all your devices. It also supports Adobe DRM allowing you to read eBooks protected against hacking.

Using this eBook reader, you can customize settings, save and sync eBooks via cloud service, and browse files via file manager. You can also create, save, and sync notes. The application supports text to speech feature. It is a user-friendly, powerful and highly customizable app with the synchronized library. Overall, it is a great eBook reader for students and professionals.

That’s all we have in our list of 10 best eBook reader Android apps. Now, you can explore and downloads thousands of eBooks and read later on Android tablet or phone. Happy reading!

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Top 10 Free eBook Reader Android Apps
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Top 10 Free eBook Reader Android Apps
Today, we’ve curated a list of top 10 free eBook reader Android apps. So let’s not waste the time and turn your phone into a great mobile library.
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