Fix a Slow Computer
How to Fix a Slow Computer in Less Than 10 Minutes

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sluggish PC. Whether your system just started crawling or you’ve put up with poor performance for months, troubleshooting the issue is essential so you can get back to work. Here, we’ll make you aware of various ways to fix a slow computer in less than 10 minutes. In case you’re all set, let’s get the ball rolling.

Surefire Ways to Fix a Slow Computer

  1. Uninstall Unused Programs

Fix a Slow Computer - Uninstall Unused Programs

When you buy a new PC, chances are it will come loaded with pre-installed programs. Most of these are simply useless and some of them can often run in the background without you knowing, which results in slowing your PC down.

In order to uninstall programs that you never use, click on the Start button and select the Control Panel option. Afterward, click on the Programs and Features button and scroll through the list uninstalling/removing the ones that remain unused.

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  1. Use Slow PC Fixer

Fix a Slow Computer - Use Slow PC Fixer

Slow PC Fixer is one of the best programs to fix a slow PC that helps you remove all junk and cache files. Based on the PC optimization technology, the tool securely eliminates bloats, Internet flash files, unnecessary registry entries, as well as junk files to boost your PC speed.

It lets you connect to its PC Manager whenever you run into technical issues. Moreover, it includes PC Junk Cleaner that you can use to manage which programs you like to launch at startup. The tool makes use of the advanced technology to improve your computer performance within seconds.

  1. Delete Temporary Files

Fix a Slow Computer - Delete Temporary Files

If you’re a power user, you may notice that whenever you use Internet Explorer, all your browsing history remains in the depths of your computer. The same scenario happens when you install something. To remove all the clutter from your system, open My Computer and select your main drive. Then, click on the Windows folder. Inside the folder, there will be a folder namely Temp.

Right-click on the folder and in the View options, select the Details option. Now, select all the files, which are older than the current date and press the Delete key. Finally, empty your Recycle Bin folder. In this way, you can fix a slow computer in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Get More Hard Drive Storage

Fix a Slow Computer - Get More Hard Drive Storage

The next tip among our tips to fix a slow PC is regarding hard drive storage. No matter whether you keep your system tidy or your hard drive becomes too full, it’ll definitely affect your PC speed and performance. In case you use your computer for processor-heavy tasks like recording video and other media, your drive will get full without your knowing. Nowadays, you can get mega storage drives even more than 1TB, which is quite good for hundreds of HD movies.

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  1. Stop Unwanted Start ups

Fix a Slow Computer - Stop Unwanted Start ups

Whenever you turn on your system, some programs will automatically start to run in the background. All such applications use your PC’s memory slowing down its speed.

So, you’ll need to stop all these to make PC programs run faster. To do so, click on the Start button and type Run and press the Enter key. A box will appear. In this box, type msconfig and once again a new box will arise. At the top side of the box, click on the Startup tab listing all the applications that run whenever your switch on your PC. You can either manually untick the unnecessary ones or click on the Disable all button. However, be sure to keep essential things like antivirus going.

  1. Get More RAM

Fix a Slow Computer - Get more RAM

Another way to fix a slow computer is to get more RAM. In case when you try to work on multiple Windows applications at the same time such as the Internet, MS Word, and Email, your system has a minor stroke when switching between them. This is because you don’t have the enough RAM. You can easily upgrade it to boost your PC speed.

  1. Install a Solid State Drive

Fix a Slow Computer - Install a Solid State Drive

Is your computer taking ages to turn on? Well, your hard drive may have faults. Generally, it has a lot of moving components and can take a while to fire up. The only solution to fix a slow computer in this scenario is to install a solid state drive as it uses flash memory just like a massive USB stick and can read data very quickly speeding up your system start-up.

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  1. Run a Disk Defragment

Fix a Slow Computer - Run a Disk Defragment

It’s essentially a solid way to optimize the efficiency of your hard drive. To run a disk defragment, go to My Computer, right-click on the hard drive and select the Properties option. Under the Tools tab, you’ll see an option to Defragment Now. Simply click on it to speed up your slow PC.

  1. Run a Disk Clean-up

Fix a Slow Computer - Run a Disk Clean-up

Disk Clean-up is a built-in tool that looks for unnecessary large files and cleans your system thoroughly. All you need to do is click on the Start button and navigate to the All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup section.

  1. Vacuum Out the Dust

Fix a Slow Computer - Vacuum out the dustThe above-mentioned tips didn’t work for you? Try to vacuum out the dust to fix a slow computer. The dust sucks into your system through the cooling fan resulting in clogging airflow. However, the airflow is very important to keep your system and CPU temperature down. If your PC overheats, its performance will slow down.

You can use a vacuum on a low setting to clean out the insides, but make sure that the computer has been turned off for at least 30 minutes and it’s disconnected from the mains. It’s advisable to do so carefully as you could dislodge some important cables.

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How to Fix a Slow Computer in Less Than 10 Minutes
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