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Why Apple is Saying Goodbye to iPhone 8 Home Button

Last year, the tech major Apple risked the wrath of millions of iPhone users by ditching the headphone socket and this year, it’s got the home button in its sights. Latest rumors suggest that Apple is saying goodbye to iPhone 8 home button and users will get a ‘software bar’ instead.

In order to make an allowance for and take full advantage of Apple iPhone 8’s expected near top-to-bottom display, not only will the home button no longer actually exist but also it won’t exist even in a virtual form. The home button is the core of iPhone and the design hasn’t modified much since its creation in 2007. Right now, users tap on it to return to starting app grid that welcomes them many times a day. They hold the button down to talk to Siri digital assistant. Also, once you double tap on it, you get multitasking where different app screens can be swiped through like a carousel.

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But now, Apple will replace the iPhone 8 home button with new gesture controls for tasks like opening multitasking and going to the main app grid. It also appears the Cupertino-based entrepreneur will employ a dock similar to the one on iPads running iOS 11, although it’s not clear yet how you’ll access it.

iPhone 8 home button is no more

Now, there’s a thin software bar in lieu of the iPhone 8 home button. Users can drag this bar to the middle of the screen to open their phone. When inside an app, they can use a similar gesture to start multitasking. From there, users can close the app and go back to the home screen by flicking upwards. Apple has redesigned the multitasking interface to appear like a string of standalone cards that can be swiped through.

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The new iPhone’s screen is rounded on the corners, whereas existing iPhone screens boast square corners. The power button at the right side of the device is longer, so it’s easier to press while holding the phone in one hand. The display is noticeably taller than that of iPhone 7, meaning that it could show more of a web page or additional text messages. The upcoming flagship device will still include 6 vertical apps’ rows, showing 24 icons on each page, excluding a gray bar at the bottom and the dock.

Rather than using the iPhone 8 home button for Apple Pay, there will be an IR camera for facial recognition. Although phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 switched to an on-screen home button, iPhone 8 would be the first smartphone to do away it entirely.

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Why Apple is Saying Goodbye to iPhone 8 Home Button?
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Why Apple is Saying Goodbye to iPhone 8 Home Button?
An abundance of rumors suggests that Apple is saying goodbye to iPhone 8 home button and users will get a ‘software bar’ instead.
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