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Facebook Blocks Ads from Fake News Pages

Facebook is taking yet another step towards winning its so-called fake news battle. Now, it will block ads from fake news pages as part of its efforts to curb hoax articles on its platform.

The Silicon Valley-based company announced that Facebook pages will no longer be able to advertise on the site if they continually share news articles that are marked as ‘false’ by third-party fact checkers. If page owners later choose to act reliably, they can win back the capability of showing ads.

The move would put a restriction on one of the biggest ways spreading fake news as paying to enhance posts is a great solution for publishers to get stories in front of more people.

Facebook Blocks Ads from Fake News Pages

Earlier in this month, FB rolled out its Related Articles to fight against fake news. Now, the company is back with its yet another weapon, i.e. it stops showing ads on the fake news pages. Facebook product manager Rob Leathern says

“We want people to stay informed on friends, family, and topics they care about on Facebook, and false news damages trust.”

He further says that this move is mostly about eliminating incentivizes for the fake news creation. This FB update restricts a user’s ability to increase hack for a fake news Page.

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Facebook collaborated with third-party fact-checking organizations months after Zuckerberg waved its flag against fake news in 2016. Shortly after that, the social media altered its News Feed to sustain in the battle. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, there are more than 99% people genuine on the platform, only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes.

Since then, Facebook has been taken numerous steps to diminish the abundance of fake news on the platform. Other moves include modified link previews and suppressing links from bad ad experiences’ websites.

Facebook blocks ads from fake news pages taking away the financial incentives that force some publishers to make these fraudulent news bits. This latest move is to free its service from fake news, whether it’s basically intended for influencing public opinion or simply garbage that individuals employ to scrape up in-ad revenue. However, the ad-blocking action will only apply to a page that constantly shares such stories.

The social media entrepreneur is counting on third-party fact checkers to flag fake news as false and based on these flags, punitive actions against felonious pages will be taken.

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Facebook Blocks Ads from Fake News Pages
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Facebook Blocks Ads from Fake News Pages
Facebook is blocking ads from fake news pages as part of its efforts to curb hoax articles on its platform. Click/tap on the link to read more.
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