Online Converters
Importance of Online Converters in Your Life

Looking at today’s technological world, it has now become easier to convert different types of files without purchasing or downloading the software. There are various free online converters for Windows that allow you to upload the file you’d like to convert to and select the file format as per your choice.

Today, we’ll take you through various online converters to make you more familiar with them. Let’s get started.

Online Converters

  1. PDF to Word Converters

Online Converters - PDF to Word Converters

PDF to Word converters is the first category that comes under free online converters for Windows. With the help of PDF to Word converters, you can easily convert your PDF to word document online. All you need to do is just select your PDF and upload it by dragging it on the given area or clicking on the Upload button. Once you’re done, wait for the conversion process to complete. You can then download the results either file by file or click on the Download All button to get them all at once in a ZIP archive.

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  1. M4A to MP3 Converters

Online Converters - M4A to MP3 Converters

M4A to MP3 converters allow you to convert your audio files between different formats. You can either upload audio files directly from your system or enter the URL of the file you’d like to convert to. Along with this, batch processing allows you to convert multiple audio files at the same time. These online converters also allow you to change the output audio quality. You can also share the converted files on various social networks with ease.

Last but not least, M4A to MP3 converters even allow you to download audios directly by putting the URL.

  1. JPG to PNG Converters

Online Converters - JPG to PNG Converters

JPG to PNG converters helps you upload your image file and choose between several filters to modify it. You can also apply an array of digital effects to your images in order to enhance them. Just select the file you want to convert and choose format as per your choice. Your selected file will be converted into the desired format in mere seconds.

JPG to PNG online converters offers you an online viewer that you can use to view your images online directly in your web browser. You’re also allowed to share your converted images on social-networking platforms. You can convert your designs, pictures, avatars, sketches, thumbnails, vector graphics, illustrations, diagrams, or other image files in any format you can think of.

  1. DOC to PDF Converters

Online Converters - DOC to PDF Converters

DOC to PDF converters allows you to upload your Word document and convert it to PDF in a few seconds. Simply choose your DOC file to convert it to PDF, enter your email and click on the Convert button. On completion of the conversion process, DOC to PDF online converters sends you the converted file via an email or you can choose to get a downloaded link to your email address for sharing it with others.

You’ll also get various advanced options like merge, rotate and sort PDF pages after completing the conversion process. Moreover, you can also make your PDF searchable if it has only scanned pages using OCR functionality. You can also import your DOC file from Dropbox and Google Drive to convert it into a PDF format.

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  1. PDF to JPG Converters

Online Converters - PDF to JPG Converters

PDF to JPG converters lets you convert your PDF files into JPG image files without any difficulty. To start with, simply upload the file to be converted, select JPG as the output file format, and enter the Convert button. These converters instantly perform the conversion process and therefore, you can download the converted file in a few seconds. In addition to file conversion, you can also make use of these online services to transfer files to anyone by providing their email address.

These online image converters also include optional settings, which you can use to alter the size, apply effects, and enhance your converted images. It gives you the freedom to upload files directly from your cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

  1. DOCX to PDF Converters

Online Converters - DOCX to PDF Converters

You can upload files from your Windows system or just enter the URL, and DOCX to PDF converters will consequently convert the files. Once the conversion process is completed, you can then download the converted file or get it via your email address. The output quality is very good while maintaining the original formatting. You can also convert multiple files at the same time if needed. DOCX to PDF online converters also includes an option to share files on various social media networks.

  1. XLS to PDF Converters

Online Converters - XLS to PDF Converters

XLS to PDF converters ask you to upload the Excel file you want to convert to PDF and they do the rest of the job on their own. To begin with, choose the original XLS file you want to convert, select PDF as the output format, and wait until your file is converted. XLS to PDF converters automatically send a link to your email address to download the converted file.

These online converters let you upload documents both from your PC and cloud storage service. Once done, your Excel spreadsheet will be converted to PDF automatically and there’s no need to customize any settings. With these free XLS to PDF converters, your PDF looks exactly the way you want.

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Importance of Online Converters in Your Life
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Importance of Online Converters in Your Life
There are various online converters that allow you to upload the file you’d like to convert to and select the file format as per your choice.
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