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Google Adds Phishing Security to iPhone Gmail App

Earlier this year, Google rolled out anti-phishing security checks for its Android app to warn users against opening dodgy links. The move came to close down a phishing scam that spread widely on the platform including Google Docs links. Now, months later, the search engine has added the same phishing security to iPhone Gmail app.

From now on, when you tap on a suspicious link in a Gmail message on either iPhone or iPad, the app will show you a warning telling you to exercise caution before you open the link. Google said in a blog post,

“We recommend that you use caution before proceeding because the link is likely unsafe. Only proceed if you’re confident there’s no risk.”

The warning message in the iPhone Gmail app basically points out that you could be about to visit an unsafe website and asks whether you really want to continue. However, if you still choose to open the link that Google knows is fake, it will take you to a different web page warning against visiting the original URL. In case you’re absolutely sure that the link is secure, you can still navigate to the site but the search engine warns that it’s ‘at your own risk’.

Google Adds Phishing Security to iPhone Gmail App

The Mountain View-based company said that the phishing security feature is being issued steadily to users who use Gmail for iPhone or iPad. The feature will reportedly be working for everyone by the end of this month.

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Google is applying its machine-learning expertise to the problem of identifying a suspicious email. The company claims that 50-70% of the emails passing through Gmail are spam and its detection system gets a 99.9% accuracy score.

Phishing is a deceitful practice of sending emails claiming to be from trustworthy companies to tempt individuals to reveal personal information such as credit card data and passwords. Google adds phishing security feature to its iPhone Gmail app to prevent its users from such kind of Gmail scammers.

The feature from the tech major is identical to the Safe Browsing feature that was added to Gmail for Google Chrome users on the desktop previous year. The feature shows users a warning when they receive an email with a phishing, malware, or unnecessary software link.

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Google Adds Phishing Security to iPhone Gmail App
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Google Adds Phishing Security to iPhone Gmail App
Now, the search engine has added the same phishing security to iPhone Gmail app too. Click or tap on the link to read more.
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