Hide Files Inside an Image
How to Hide Files Inside an Image Without Software

If you need to send an important file to your friends or colleagues and don’t want others to view it, you can simply hide that file inside an image and send it to them. Many of you would probably be wondered that how to do so? Well, it’s a simple process to hide files inside an image and access them whenever you want.

There’s a technique called Steganography that helps you hide your important files in JPG or any other image file format without using a software. Let’s dig a little deeper to get familiar with the process.

Hide Files Inside an Image Without Software

Step No-1:

Before getting started with the process on how to hide files inside an image, make sure to download and install WinRar on your PC.

Hide Files Inside Images- WinRar

If you already have WinRar archiver on your system, you can proceed with next steps.

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Step No-2:

Once you’ve installed WinRar on your system, you need to create a folder with files that you want to hide inside an image file. Let’s say, the folder name is New Folder and copy all files in New Folder that you’d like to hide in an image.

Next, right click on the files and select the Add to the archive option. You need to select RAR as Archive format and then click OK.

Hide Files Inside Images- File

Alternatively, you can navigate to Sent to > Compressed (zipped) folder and if you make a zip file then follow the same aforementioned steps except for the file format. Here, you’ll need to select ZIP as Archive format.

Step No-3:

Once you’re done, you’ll see an RAR format file as shown in the image below. Suppose, you have an image with name “hello.jpg” in which you’ll hide all your files. Just copy both Files.rar and image.jpg and paste them either into C, D or E drive as per your preferences.

Hide Files Inside Images- Rename file

Please note that you need to rename the .Rar files. Here, we’ve renamed it to Google.rar.

Step No-4:

Now, you need to open CMD. If your files are present inside E drive then type E: and hit the Enter key. Next, type copy /e hello.jpg+google.rar hello.jpg and press Enter. You need to replace hello with your image name and Google with your RAR filename.

Hide Files Inside Images- Command

Now, you’ll see google.rar (contains all the files you want to hide) has been hidden in the hello.jpg. This way you can hide files inside images.

You’ll notice that the size of the new file has increased and if you open the help.jpg file, it will show you just the image. Continue reading to know about how to access your hidden files.

To access the hidden files, follow the steps listed below:

  1. First of all, open WinRar Archiver
  2. Next, click on File and select Open Archive
  3. Now, navigate to the path where you have saved jpg file which will be in E drive
  4. Make sure to select All files from the drop-down window so that it displays the hello.jpg file too
  5. Select it and click on Open
  6. You’ll see a folder with file names. Just open the folder and you’ll get your hidden files

That’s it!

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How to Hide Files Inside an Image Without Software
Well, it’s a simple process to hide files inside an image and access them whenever you want. Continue reading to know more about it.
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