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Google Pixel 2 Preview: Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Features

With a fantastic camera and elegant design, Google Pixel and its sibling Pixel XL attracted many eyeballs last year. And now all are curiously waiting for the Google Pixel 2. Rumors have already started to paint a compelling story of the tech major going for a flashy new design with its upcoming smartphone i.e. Google Pixel 2. To know all about the upcoming Google’s device, we have to patiently wait and see that what exactly the phone has under its hood. But if you’re curious to know its speculations at the moment, here’s a quick glimpse – only for you – at what we know about the Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2 Preview

  1. Slimmer Design

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Slimmer Design

Recently, a rendering of the next version of Pixel leaked, providing us more details about what 2017 Google Pixel 2 could look like. The image revealed the device with a larger 6-inch display and thinner bezels. Also, it looks more rectangular with sharper edges and the signature glass shade on the back of the smartphone is shorter comparatively.

Another rendering is in the form of a video, showing different possible colors of the smartphone that includes red, blue, and teal.

  1. LG Display

Google Pixel 2 Preview - LG Display

According to rumors, the upcoming Google phone will sport a 6-inch AMOLED display manufactured by LG. It truly makes sense given Google’s reported $900Mn investment in LG display. The image also shows a similar two-tone rear case along with a smaller glass window around the camera.

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  1. Squeezable Edges

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Squeezable Edges

Rumors are also taking rounds that Pixel 2 is coming with squeezable edges, similar to that of HTC U11. The frame would be pressure-sensitive and it is assumed that when you will hold it tightly, the smartphone will allow you to do various things such as launch an app of your choice, enable the flashlight, and open the camera. It’s been also reported that squeezing Pixel 2 could launch Google Assistant.

  1. Water Resistance

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Water Resistance

During the Google Pixel launch, it was quite surprising that Google selected to skip IP68 water resistance feature, but there are indications that it will rectify the feature in its next device. According to rumors, the water resistance feature is on the table for Pixel 2. This is one of the best Google Pixel 2 features that sets it apart from the rest.

  1. Camera

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Camera

The only thing you can count on in the new flagship device is the availability of better camera on-board. Reports suggest that the search giant won’t aim at megapixels in the Google Pixel 2, but rather Google will compensate in other extra features. The device is expected to feature a 12MP rear camera with 4K video support and a 7MP front-facing shooter.

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  1. No Headphone Jack

Google Pixel 2 Preview - No Headphone Jack

One of the most noteworthy changes in Google Pixel 2 is the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. Like Apple iPhone 7s and Motorola’s Moto Z lineup, the device might ditch the headphone jack, according to the latest reports. The picture shows the phone along with a slimmer top and bottom bezel, keeping the rear fingerprint reader and glass panel on the back.

  1. Android O

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Android O

Last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL ran Android 7.0 Nougat. But now that the next software update Android O is already available to developers, it’s expected that the next version of Google Pixel will have the version O. This means that the device may natively feature new app notifications, picture-in-picture apps for multitasking, and enhanced copy-and-paste built-in features.

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  1. Price

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Price

If Google Pixel 2 rumors are to be believed then the phone will apparently carry a loftier price tag than its predecessors. The current Pixel starts out at a cool $650, £599, and AU$1,079 price and it doesn’t look like that the new one will be any cheaper, especially since Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh said that the Pixel will remain premium. Rumors are expecting a $50 increase, but no exact pricing has been revealed yet.

In case Pixel 2 sounds too expensive for you, the tech giant may be taking into account a more budget-friendly Pixel. Known internally as the Pixel 2B, it is rumored to feature lower-tiered hardware to go with its cheaper price tag.

  1. Naming and Release Date

Google Pixel 2 Preview - Naming and Release Date

Conventional wisdom has it that Google’s upcoming devices will indeed be called the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However, the search mogul hasn’t always been linear with its naming.

We know the code names of both the devices. Following the ancient tradition, Google has internally named its next phones after fish. According to some trusted sources, the smaller of the two is called Walleye while the XL version is Taimen. Apart from this, a third code name Muskie was also in the works but has been put on hold for now.

Google Pixel was launched on October 20 last year, and it’s safe to assume the second-generation model will land at around the same time.

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  1. Other Specifications

Google Pixel 2 Preview - specifications

  • Multi-touch display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor running at 1.9GHz
  • Non-removable Li-ion battery
  • 64GB of storage
  • 4GB of RAM
  • No micro SD card slot
  • Fast charging
  • USB Type-C 1.0 reversible connector
  • Stereo speakers

Well, this was all you need to know about the upcoming Google Pixel 2 phone for now. A flood of image renders, leaks, and speculations will come as we get closer to its launch. So, hold on tight!

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Google Pixel 2 Preview: Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Features
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Google Pixel 2 Preview: Launch Date, Price, Specs, and Features
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