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Facebook Related Articles: FB’s Latest Weapon to Fight against Fake News

Facebook is continuing its quest to crack down on fake news. The company steps up its fight against fake news with related articles. Rolling out today, Facebook related articles provide additional perception and information on stories shared on News Feed.

After months of testing, the Related Articles feature will first launch in the U.S., France, Germany, and Netherlands. Facebook introduced a similar tool back in 2014 that showed related articles after users clicked links.

Facebook Related Articles

Related stories design to help users think twice about whether a story is true or not. Last year, the social media network was widely criticized for letting fake news stories go viral during the US presidential election. So, in order to identify and stop the spread of wrong information, Facebook patented a fake news auto removal tool.

Since then, the company has taken many steps to combat fake news. After patenting a removal tool, Facebook altered its News Feed to make itself a better venue for hot news and real-time discussions. Well, the battle against fake news not ended here. Then, the company tested new tools to tackle the spread of the wrong information on its platform.

Last month, Facebook came with the modified link previews to fight fake news spread. And today, it expands its ongoing battle with automatic related articles. These articles will appear below the link for topics that many users are talking about on the social media platform. Facebook related articles will also include articles fact-checked by third-party websites like PolitiFact and Snopes.

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Facebook also wrote in a blog post that it would make use of updated machine learning to detect more potential hoaxes and send them to third-party fact checkers. According to Facebook News Feed integrity product manager Tessa Lyons,

“We don’t want to be and are not the arbiters of the truth. The fact checkers can give the signal of whether a story is true or false.”

Going forward, once those fact checkers have published their own story, Facebook will list them in the related section that you can see even before you click on the main link. Apart from this, the company won’t list a link that’s widely reported as a hoax under Facebook related articles to prevent spreading fake news even further.

There’s a one more news coming from the company, i.e. Facebook Stories could come to desktop. Facebook has confirmed that Stories launch on desktop is still considered a test, but a wider rollout is expected soon. So, don’t be surprised if Facebook Stories pop up on the site shortly.

Facebook Stories

Although the social media network hasn’t yet confirmed what percentage of users are seeing Stories on desktop, it’s not broadly available. However, we’re aware of users seeing the feature outside in the US.

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Facebook Related Articles: FB’s Latest Weapon to Fight against Fake News
Rolling out today, Facebook related articles provide additional perceptions and information on stories shared on News Feed.
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