Send Money via PayPal
Skype Now Lets You Send Money via PayPal on Android and iOS

Skype introduces the ability to send money to friends on Android and iOS device as part of a new partnership with PayPal. You can now use Skype to send money via PayPal on your mobile devices. Read on further to know more about this latest news.

Send Money via PayPal on Android and iOS

Skype and PayPal have teamed up to introduce a new Send Money feature that allows you to transfer funds to friends while chatting over Android and iOS devices. Now, there’s no need to switch from this messaging app to any banking app for transferring money.

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Will available in nearly 22 countries for now, the Send Money feature allows you to transfer money via the latest Skype mobile app while you’re conversing with a friend. Before getting your hands to the feature and sending money via PayPal, make sure you are using the latest version of Skype mobile app.

Send Money via PayPal- Send Money feature

While you’re chatting with friends, you can swipe right and tap on the Send Money feature. Now, just enter the amount to send, confirm the payment, and press the send option to complete the transaction. So this is how to send money via PayPal using Skype.

The feature requires a bit of concentration while setup but it seems pretty simple after that. Remember that while using Send Money feature for the first time, you’ll be prompted to confirm your location. As soon as the application confirms your location, you are required to link your PayPal account to your Skype profile and PayPal will handle money transfers. This way your money is on its way within moments.

The feature also has a restriction for those who want to send money. They have to install the latest version of Skype on their smartphones. On the other hand, receivers can get the transferred money without any hassle. The only thing that receivers need to take care of is the hold of a PayPal account.

The new PayPal integration arrives just two months after Microsoft introduced an overhauled version of Skype mobile. The redesigned app focuses on new Snapchat-like features. Microsoft has done a great job in taking over the ongoing development of popular video calling service by offering a new trendy design along with new features. This helps you connect and share moments with friends like never before.

If you want to check out Send Money feature on your smartphone, you can download the latest version of Skype for your Android and iOS device and give it a whirl! However, there’s no word from the company on whether the feature will land to the Skype for Windows app or not.

 Check the video below to know more about the latest features of Skype.

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Skype Now Lets You Send Money via PayPal on Android and iOS
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Skype Now Lets You Send Money via PayPal on Android and iOS
Make sure that you’ll be on the latest version of the Skype mobile app to send money via PayPal. Read on further to know how you can use this feature.
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