Facebook Owns Ozlo
Facebook Owns Ozlo AI Assistant Startup for Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s virtual assistant ‘M’ has not fairly delivered on the promise of a life-changing AI product. But, the social media tycoon isn’t losing heart. Recently, the company made an announcement about its acquisition of a small AI assistant startup. Facebook owns Ozlo to boost its conversational AI efforts.

Facebook has gone ahead and bought Charles Jolley’s Ozlo. The Ozlo team is anticipated to join the social media platform to work on natural language processing confronts.

As a part of the acquisition, Facebook will get the AI startup Ozlo’s tech and a majority of its team of nearly 30 employees, and Ozlo will cease its API services as well as apps, reports suggest.Facebook Owns Ozlo to help Messenger build its own personal assistantLaunched in October last year, Ozlo introduced a set of APIs. Another hugely popular key differentiator of the company was its knowledge graph. The graph was a database of facts about the planet essential for exhibiting any sense of intelligence. Ozlo put its knowledge layer up for sale to developers as a service.

With today’s purchase, Jolley’s conversational AI startup Ozlo is no longer independent and the AI space raises just a bit more united. According to Facebook, not only an intent AI and converse API, but also the knowledge layer will be wound down in the wake of the acquisition.

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Facebook owns Ozlo to help Messenger build out its personal assistant M. The AI startup Ozlo could be just what a doctor ordered as far as M is concerned. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement,

“We’re excited to welcome the Ozlo team as we build compelling experiences within Messenger that are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

However, it’s not clear till yet what the Ozlo team will build up at Facebook Inc. The Ozlo knowledge graph could be served as a backbone for fb assistant M. Various large tech companies’ recent acquisitions are aimed at raising the scale of such information repositories.

The iPhone maker Apple lately acquired Lattice Data to transform unstructured data into a knowledge graph that can be reasoned across to bring appropriate answers to user queries.

At the moment, Facebook refused to reveal the financial terms of the deal. Back in May, the company explained that it is focused on text-based AI. And Ozlo specializes in comprehending text-based conversations and states that it can easily comprehend and give satisfactory answers to queries, which don’t essentially have simple yes or no answers. Facebook hopes Ozlo can accelerate this process to improve its flawed virtual assistant M.

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Facebook Owns Ozlo AI Assistant Startup for Messenger
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