Facebook Smart Speaker
Facebook Smart Speaker is on the way, May come Next Year

Following Apple, Google, and Amazon, the social media tycoon Facebook is also planning to release a smart speaker. In accordance with reports, Facebook smart speaker would fence its rivals off by offering a 15-inch touchscreen. The display would function as the primary way of interaction relative to the Google Home and Echo that depend on voice commands.

Facebook smart speaker with touchscreen is reportedly developed by the company’s consumer hardware lab, Building 8. The product will be manufactured by making use of the Pegatron Technology and released in the first quarter of 2018.

If rumors are factual, Facebook will be joining a rising marketplace. With advancements in technology, smart speakers have come a long way to become a promising application for IT players. Amazon introduced its Echo Show smart speaker and Google came with its Google Home. However, the tech major Apple is also in the line. It will begin selling its HomePod at the end of this year.

Amazon Echo Show Smart Speaker

Facebook smart speaker will use the 15-inch touch panel that is supplied by LG Display using in-cell technology. The device will be furnished with a magnesium-aluminum-alloy chassis. Surprisingly, it has already started small degree of pilot production at Pegatron’s plants in China.

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Although no additional details are made out about the speaker’s functionality, it could possibly enlarge fb’s feed of photos and videos. When asked about Facebook smart speaker, the company’s spokesperson said,

“Unfortunately we don’t have anything to share at this time.”

The product might function as a digital photo frame when inactive, piping in new pictures and videos to brighten up your home. It could even let you like or leave comments on such content via voice commands.

Moreover, it would be reasonable for the company to allow messaging from the speaker through video calling, voice-detected text messages, and VoIP audio calls. If we consider some statistics, around 400 million of 1.2 billion users of Messenger communicate via Facebook audio and video calling on a monthly basis. A simple touch-screen Facebook smart speaker could become a high-tech alternative for a home phone that’s easy for kids and grandparents to use.

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On the other hand, Amazon Echo Show smart speaker provides you with the ability to call any Echo, Echo Show, or Alexa Amazon app, but it has never been a big player in the communication world. Apple’s FaceTime is not compatible with Android while Google Home doesn’t have a screen as well as its messaging apps are just a patchy mess.

However, Facebook could establish a connection between users via video calling on any phone or home speaker. The speaker would embody the social platform’s first foray into the smart home universe. Also, it follows CEO Zuckerberg’s in-home researches with his ‘Jarvis’ artificial intelligence.

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Facebook Smart Speaker is on the way, May come Next Year
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