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20 Best Free Wireframe Tools in 2017

Wireframe tools assist you making a website or app template effortlessly and quickly. Wireframing is a key step in web design and development as it allows for hasty prototyping and helps identify issues early in the process. It can be very useful to have a visual representation of content, layout, and hierarchy.

In standard, prototype design should be a creation of interaction designers, and the user-orientated concept should run through the whole process of product design. The professional perception as well as rich user experience commenced by an interaction designer will directly control the product’s usability. So the dilemma of how to complete a solid prototype design will eventually depend on how you select wireframe tools.

Here’s a collection of 20 best free wireframe tools 2017. Let’s walk you through the list:

Best Wireframe Tools

  1. Pencil Project

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Pencil Project

Available as a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool, Pencil Project is easy to install and use to create mockups by using a bunch of templates in leading desktop platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The tool comes with external project import, multi-page documents, plus rotation, z-ordering, aligning, and scaling. Numerous templates are also available. It even comes with the ability to export to PDF, PNG, Word document, HTML, and Openoffice.org document.

  1. Wireframe.cc

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Wireframe cc

Wireframe.cc is an unobtrusive web-based tool to create wireframes in a quick way. The tool endows you with two types of templates to design wireframes in a mobile or browser. With it, you can sketch your wireframes that shun the toolbars along with icons of a classic drawing app. There’s an inadequate color palette to help you eschew that specific way of procrastination. UI elements are context-sensitive and only arise when you need them.

  1. Moqups

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Moqups

Another one in our list of best free wireframe tools 2017 is Moqups. It is the awesome HTML app for designing high fidelity wireframes, SVG mockups, and clickable prototypes. The tool is basically designed to take you through the whole process of creating site maps, storyboards, and flowcharts, roughly sketching your wireframes, collaborating with others, and creating working prototypes. It works great with the latest version of Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Framebox

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Framebox

Framebox is available as a lightweight free online tool that takes your wireframing experience to the next level. It features a handful of drag and drop elements. With the tool, you can share your web page as a unique URL.

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  1. Penultimate

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Penultimate

Are you working solely for iPad design? If so, drawing up ideas directly within the device itself is a wonderful way to endure you’re working with the well-sized active areas and to the correct ratio. With this best free wireframe tool, ideas and sketches can be easily saved as well as sent to consumers for approval.

  1. Justinmind

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Justinmind

Justinmind prototyping tool is a UX tool for high-fidelity website wireframes and web and mobile prototypes. It provides capabilities usually found in diagramming tools such as resizing, import/export of widgets, and drag and drop placement. Additionally, it boasts features for annotating widgets and defining interactions like conditional liking, database simulation with real data, linking, animations, etc.

  1. Mockflow

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Mockflow

Mockflow is regarded as the best wireframe tool 2017 as it facilitates you to create functioning prototypes and puts an emphasis on collaboration and sharing. It features a sitemap creator for folders and pages, chat, version tracking, image and component collections, and HTML 5 export.

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  1. Mockingbird

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Mockingbird

Mockingbird is a web-based tool that makes it a cake walk for you to create, preview, link together, and share mockups of your app or website. All you need to do is simply drag and drop UI elements to the page and then resize and rearrange them.

  1. UXPin

Best Free Wireframe Tools - UXPin

UXPin makes its way among the best free wireframe tools with dragging and dropping custom elements. It boasts the frequently updated libraries for Android, iOS, Bootstrap, Foundation, to name a few. You can instantly convert your wireframes into high-fidelity mockups.

  1. Proto

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Proto

Proto is a dyed-in-the-wool mobile wireframing tool to build and organize fully interactive mobile app prototypes. Able to run in most web browsers, the tool possesses 3 main interfaces: dashboard, editor, and the player. By making use of this tool, you can test your trial product directly on real mobiles and run it in full-screen mode.

  1. Balsamiq

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a rapid prototyping tool to help you generate ideas in no time. It replicates the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, which lets easy collaboration, sharing, and feedback. With more than 75 built-in interface components and 187 icons, you’ll find always ready-to-use elements and objects.

  1. Fluid

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Fluid

A browser-based HTML5 app, Fluid is used for creating interactive wireframes and prototypes of Android, iOS, and Windows 8 apps. The tool includes mobile-style animations, drag-and-drop interface boasting gestures, and visual linking for demos and testing. With 1700+ ready-made phone UI and wireframe elements, Fluid is surely termed as one of the best free wireframe tools 2017.

  1. Axure

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Axure

By making use of Axure, you can produce UI mockups and HTML wireframes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. You can easily lay out interfaces, add interactivity, and edit content to your mobile mockup. It includes an intelligent conditional logic to help you craft practical flows such as logins and swipe interactions.

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  1. ProtoShare

Best Free Wireframe Tools - ProtoShare

ProtoShare is yet another wireframing tool that helps teams visualize constraints with website wireframes and interactive mobile and software prototypes while working together in real time. It offers a robust mobile tool set with mobile stencils from a central resource library, pre-configured mobile screen tutorials, and 2D and 3D animated transitions. Just like other wireframe tools, it also has a drag-and-drop interface. You can share your feedback in the Review interface.

  1. Lovely Charts

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Lovely Charts

Design your sitemaps, wireframes, flowcharts, and organization charts with Lovely Charts. It is an online diagramming application that does it job just awesome. The tool comes with the ability to make assumptions on the basis of the type of diagram you’re drawing and consequently streamline the drawing process. Another hugely popular feature of the tool is its History Management feature. It keeps 20 states of your diagram in memory, allowing you to go back to a previous version or undo any changes.

  1. Cacoo

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Cacoo

Cacoo is an easy-to-use web-based drawing tool to allow you to create a wide range of diagrams, including network charts and sitemaps. There’re many stencils that could make the process even more convenient. One of the interesting features is the Unlimited Undo, which enables you to clear history of all amendments saved, meaning you can undo right back to the beginning.

  1. Gliffy

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Gliffy

Gliffy endows you with the facility to create process flow diagrams, floor plans, network diagrams, org charts, and much more. It enables you to add buttons, lines, as well as boxes from the tool shape library to anywhere at the page. The tool gives you a full access to a complete library of shapes. In addition to this, you can even import your own images like backgrounds and logos. With so many features under the hood, it can be termed as one of the best free wireframe tools for designers.

  1. Lumzy

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Lumzy

Another mockup and prototype creation tool for apps and websites in our list is Lumzy. It permits you to add events to controls, emulate your project with easy page navigation, and place controls inside other containers. Real-time collaboration is also available along with the tools for team editing and a chat engine.

  1. SimpleDiagrams

Best Free Wireframe Tools - SimpleDiagrams

SimpleDiagrams is a lightweight desktop app to help you express your ideas instantly. It is built on the Adobe AIR platform, so it will run well on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You’re also able to drag, drop, and size symbols from libraries, export your diagram to PNG, and add photos and post notes.

  1. Website Wireframe

Best Free Wireframe Tools - Website Wireframe

Last but not the least, Website Wireframe is one of free wireframe tools 2017 to build prototypes in a jiffy. You can send a link to view the wireframe via instant message, email, or smartphone. Afterward, it lets you update your wireframe on the basis of discussion, suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

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Have we left your favorite wireframe tools? If so, please drop your recommendations in the comments section below.

20 Best Free Wireframe Tools in 2017
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20 Best Free Wireframe Tools in 2017
Wireframe tools assist you making a website or app template effortlessly and quickly. Here're the best free wireframing tools 2017.
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