iOS 11 Vs Android O
iOS 11 Vs Android O: Which is Better for You

With both WWDC 2017 and Google I/O having appeared and passed already, the war between Apple and Google is as fresh and alive as ever. Much of the talk concerning Apple Vs Google recently has encircled their imminent flagship devices. Rumors about iPhone 8, Pixel 2, and Pixel XL 2 appear to rule the tech news universe at the moment. However, both the tech giants encompass some electrifying amendments on the horizon, even for those folks who don’t plan to put a dent in their bank balance just to upgrade a new device. This year it will be iOS 11 Vs Android O. So what do you think who’s winning so far?

Apple just introduced us to iOS 11 and a few weeks ago Google walked us through Android O. Both iOS and Android platforms have matured a lot down the years, but these still manage to arise with new enhancements and features as the mobile world continues to revolutionize. But how do the two operating systems compare with each other? And how Google learn from Apple or vice versa? Wait! You don’t need to wonder anymore as here we’re going to provide you with the satisfactory answer to your most-asked query ‘iOS 11 is better or Android O?’

Let the Battle Begin: iOS 11 Vs Android O

  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – New Features

iOS 11 Vs Android O - New FeaturesAndroid O and iOS 11 come with a bunch of new exciting features. iOS 11 lets you pay your friends right from the Messages app using ApplePay. Also, it allows you to play audio on multiple speakers in your home.

On the other hand, Android O comes with the picture-in-picture mode and superior copy/paste function, making your phone more useful. It is often believed that Android is better than iOS, but it is yet to see which will win the iOS 11 Vs Android O battle.

  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – Voice Assistant

iOS 11 Vs Android O - Voice AssistantAnother important criterion in the iPhone Vs Android face off is voice assistant that each platform boasts. It’s known to all that Apple includes Siri assistant while Android has its own assistant, namely Google Now and Google Voice Search.

Siri catches a set of updates, making it look superior and providing it with a new male voice. Also, it guesses what you might want to know next. Taking about Google Assistant, it will get a mode to recognize objects dubbed Google Lens. Android’s assistant even facilitates you to type queries, not just speak them.

  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – Messaging

iOS 11 Vs Android O - MessagingJust like Messages on iOS 10, iOS 11 also revamps iMessage with an app drawer, but the cynosure of all eyes is Apple Pay. This is the area where the tech major Apple clearly pulled ahead of the search engine Google in the iOS 11 Vs Android O comparison. iOS 11 rewards its users with a dozen of special features such as seamless WiFi and SMS texting, text effects, and in-message peer-to-peer payments.

Google is deficient in an all-in-one messaging app on Android devices. The standard and basic texting app is Messages in Android. However, Hangouts, Google Duo, and Allo are much more specialized. If you’re unable to make a choice between iMessage and Allo, you can go through our post on Allo vs iMessage comparison: Google and Apple face off.

  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – Nuts and Bolts

iOS 11 Vs Android O - Nuts and BoltsAs Apple controls both software and hardware, it doesn’t possess Google’s issue of needing to design one OS for thousands of different devices made by tons of brands. Nevertheless, it also means that Google is more proactive about sharing its plans to make its OS superior as well as enhance battery life.

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  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – Design Improvements

iOS 11 Vs Android O - Design improvementsApple redesigned iOS 11’s Control Center, Lock Screen, Siri interface, as well as App Store. Alternatively, Android O has also visual tweaks, but not to the iOS’ extent.

  1. iOS 11 Vs Android O – AR and VR

iOS 11 Vs Android O - AR and VRAndroid is years at the forefront of Apple with both AR and VR. The platform includes Tango for AR, Google Daydream for VR, and lately announced a standalone headset.

The Cupertino-based tycoon is just getting its feet wet with Augmented Reality (AR), but it claims it will have the world’s largest AR platform once it rolls out its ARKit developer platform later this fall.

Saving the Best for Last?

Well, the iOS 11 Vs Android O face off is not over just yet. Both Apple and Google are renowned for saving some OS features to unveil together with their new smartphones.

At present, Google’s software for Android smartphones drives to the front in significant ways, but Apple has one more opportunity to wow us. The company’s 10th-anniversary device, iPhone 8 is rumored to have across-the-board changes. It is just a kind of debut where you’d desire to save the best new software features for last.

The AR code of Apple could turn into a killer feature on the next iPhone’s camera. In case the iPhone maker ends up ditching the home button, more hands-free Siri tricks could come at the forefront.

These are steps Apple would wish to remain tucked away awaiting the big moment when it can blow up Android O. However, Android O with the forthcoming Pixel device may take the shine off with the eye-opening features.

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iOS 11 Vs Android O: Which is Better for You?
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iOS 11 Vs Android O: Which is Better for You?
You may be aware of the ongoing iOS 11 Vs Android O battle. So what do you think who’s winning so far? Here's a quick overview.
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