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Skype Mobile Update is So Pathetic! Opinion Piece

Last month, Microsoft began to roll out its new Skype mobile update for Android and iOS. And it’s quite fair to say that users’ experience has not been great so far. Some users are calling the new Skype experience on mobile ‘the worst ever’.

Judging by reviews, the new Skype mobile update is a total mess. Microsoft updated the app for the Snapchat generation, declaring that it has redesigned its messaging app ‘from the ground up’. Now, app reviewers as well as consumers are ripping it down by claiming that Skype has been destroyed.

The star rating for Skype’s new mobile app tanked hard after the update. As of today, Skype for iOS is sitting at the shocking 1.5-star average rating on the App Store, down from 4.5 stars before the update. The review titles sum up users’ experience pretty accurately – ‘Hate it’, ‘it got worse’, ‘new update makes no sense’, and ‘worse update yet’.

On the other hand, Google Play Store doesn’t retune average star ratings whenever an app gets an update. However, latest reviews for the Skype Android app are just terrible. Even the reviews that posted to Windows App Store have been mocking at the company’s efforts to transform a complete product into a youth-orientated social media app all along the outlines of Snapchat or Instagram.

Microsoft, who has a dreadful reputation for screwing things up, has not reacted at the flurry of complaints about new Skype mobile update till now.

On the basis of such horrible reviews, it looks like no one was seeking yet another social media app-cum-Snapchat clone. Microsoft Skype for Android now has mazy lines that turn around while one is trying to make a call, hearts that come out during a call, and ‘Awesome’ images that emerge in the middle of a conversation.

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Ever since the creation of Skype mobile update, the app has been enduring connectivity issues and are abiding even today. Some users are not able to view a black bar that indicates an ongoing group call, while others experience delays in adding friends to their buddy list.

The new Skype update ditches the ability to be available and invisible. Also, the ability to disable largely animated emoticons has removed. Formatting is just pathetic. You are now unable to see who is online and who is not unless you enter a conversation with him/her. Images can be attached only from camera roll, forbidding you to send even screenshots. Favorites are also gone. That’s why nobody loves this new Skype mobile update.

Skype Mobile UpdateIn all conscience, Skype had swiftly dropped behind Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp in recent years, and Microsoft evidently had to put some efforts to keep its instant messenger and VoIP service still in the lead in the market. Unluckily, Skype had gradually but definitely become a niche messaging app or an app for prosumers. Just because of the bequest of the desktop, the app still looked like traditional IM clients such as Microsoft’s own MSN Messenger and not adequate like ‘mobile-first’ chatting apps such as WhatsApp, which uses your mobile number and phone book to connect you with your friends in a jiffy.

Over the years, Skype never tried to fetch all the features that are available in other desktop apps to its mobile app. Although the new Skype experience is about making it a true mobile chat application, the new Highlights feature even transform it into a lightweight social platform, which wasn’t actually something users have been anticipating for.

It remains to see if Microsoft will respond to users’ feedback about new Skype mobile update. However, as per some official FAQs, it appears that the tech giant may make it easier to see which contacts are online in Skype’s new app:

“We understand that users would like to see which contacts are online or not. Currently, you can see their status in your chat window, LEARN MORE. We are actively working on this scenario. Thank you for your patience in the interim, stay tuned for an update.”

According to rumors, the new Skype experience is supposed to roll out to Windows and Mac in future, but we hope the company will take some time to pay attention to users’ reviews before stepping forward. Did you already test the new Skype mobile update on your Android or iOS device and experienced some issues? If so, feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comments section below.

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Skype Mobile Update is So Pathetic! Opinion Piece
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Skype Mobile Update is So Pathetic! Opinion Piece
Last month, Microsoft began to roll out its new Skype mobile update for Android and iOS. But the users' reviews are just terrible about the update.
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