Facebook Fights Fake News
Facebook Fights Fake News Spread via Modified Link Previews

Facebook’s battle against fake news isn’t over yet. This time, Facebook fights fake news spread via the modified link previews. The social media network leads the battle by implementing a new feature.

Till now, if there’s a link posted to any Facebook page, the page could change the image, body text, and headline that appeared in the News Feed Preview. It allowed distributors of fake news to bait-and-switch readers into visiting articles they didn’t suppose. Also, it looks like genuine news publishers were posting stirring or bogus headlines. However, it even allows true news outlets A/B test link publishers, customize content to the different audience, and revise previews as soon as news stories evolved.

Facebook fights fake news spread without stifling liable publications. Now, the company has begun to disable the ability of all fb pages to edit the link previews they post in the API or Page composer, excluding some real publishers.

Facebook Fights Fake News Spread - Modified link previews

In the beginning of the fight against fake news, Facebook patented a fake news auto removal tool. After that, it altered its News Feed. And not only this but also the company tested new tools to combat the spread of fake news on its platform last month. Now, Facebook fights fake news spread by killing non-publisher Pages’ ability to amend the previews of links they post. The Silicon Valley-based tycoon says the new feature will help remove a channel that has been ill-treated to post fake news.

Page Publishing Tools for Link Ownership now has a new tab that allows those exempted publishers to specify the web domain they own and be certified by the company to alter the link previews of this domain. If any fb page wants an exemption, it must have its link ownership permitted by September 12, 2017, when the elimination of unauthorized preview editing will entirely roll out. Facebook writes in a blog post,

“We’re first rolling this [Link Ownership] feature out to media publishers, including news, sport, and entertainment Pages, because we’ve found that many of these Page types modify links to their own articles at scale.”

Webmasters will still be able to tweak the Open Graph tags on their website and test their articles with the Open Graph Debugger to arrange their content’s default previews.

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The move could let Facebook dismantle of fake news without having to make judgment calls about each part of content separately. Methods like this and many other amendments the company has made will let it promote the truth without having to control the mendacity directly.

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Facebook Fights Fake News Spread via Modified Link Previews
Facebook’s battle against fight news isn’t over yet. This time, Facebook fights fake news spread via the modified link previews.
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