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How to Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox

By default, Mozilla Firefox has an integrated pop-up blocker that helps you throttle some or all the potential distractions from showing up your screen. Please note that pop-up blockers prevent unnecessary windows from opening without your permission on some sites. These pop-ups mainly display advertisements and are often annoying and intrusive. If you’re the one who doesn’t like pop-up ads, here’s a method to block pop-up windows in Mozilla Firefox.

Block pop-up windows - Mozilla Firefox

In this article, we’ve provided you a way on how to block pop-up windows in Mozilla Firefox. Let’s have a look.

Block pop-up windows in Mozilla Firefox

For Windows, Mac OS X, macOS Sierra, and Linux

Follow the steps listed below to know how to block pop-up windows in Mozilla Firefox

      1. Type about:preferences#content into Firefox’s address bar and press the Enter key
      2. You’ll see the Firefox’s Content preferences within the active tab

Block pop-up windows- Firefox’s Content preferences

      1. Under Pop-ups section, you’ll get an option labeled as Block popup windows accompanied by a checkbox and enabled by default

Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox - Exceptions button

This setting controls whether the Firefox’s integrated pop-up blocker is active or not

      1. To enable or disable it at any time, click on the checkbox once to add or remove the check mark
      2. There is the Exceptions button which loads the Allowed Sites- Pop-ups window, where you can instruct Firefox to allow pop-up windows on specific sites. These exceptions override the pop-up blocker itself

Block Pop-up Windows in Firefox - Allowed Sites Popups

      1. Once you’re done, click on the Save Changes button

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For iOS

      1. First of all, tap on the three horizontal lines, dubbed Firefox’s menu button at the bottom side of your browser window or alongside the address bar
      2. Once the pop-up menu appears, select the Settings. You may need to swipe left to locate this option
      3. After this, you’ll see the Firefox’s Settings interface
      4. Under the General section, you’ll get an option named as the Block Pop-up Windows that tells whether the integrated pop-up blocker is enabled or not
      5. Tap on the ON/OFF button to toggle Firefox’s blocking functionality

For Android

There are no pop-up blocker options in Mozilla Firefox for Android. However, if you would like to remove pop-ups, follow the instructions given below:

      1. Type about: config into the address bar
      2. Next, search disable_open_during_load and set it to false

In case you want to enable the pop-up blocker, you can also set dom.disable_open_during_load to true.

That’s all! So this was all about how to block pop-ups in Firefox.

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How to Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox
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How to Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox
If you’re the one who don’t like pop-up ads, here’s the method to block pop-up windows in Mozilla Firefox. Read on to know how to do it.
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