Xnspy Review: Super-Smart Text Spyware for iPhone in 2017

With the word spy, do visions of Jack Bauer or James Bond come to your mind, using hi-tech gadgets to resolve a mystery? What about digital spyware? Do you know about Edward Snowden, the man behind WikiLeaks? Yes, he’s the guy who revealed classified U.S government information without any authorization. This establishes the fact that there is advanced spyware technology available that can allow you to spy on anyone.

Knowledge is power. The adage is quite apt in the current times, especially with the development of spy apps. Install a spy app on your target’s phone and obtain all their confidential information undetectably. In the current techno-digital era, you don’t have to follow mundane spying routine. Instead, sit back at your home or workplace and monitor all the target activities, easily attainable through a spy app.

Xnspy Review

No matter how powerful a spy agent is, sometime back, it was too difficult to track down target messages on his phone. However, with the emergence of text spyware for iPhone or Android phone, the task has been made easier. Since technology is all around us today, a whopping 80percent of the Americans use cell phones for texting, thus making it a potential spyware activity.

A plethora of spy apps is available in the market with Xnspy currently dominating the monitoring spectrum due to its super-smart functionality and covert operations. Here’s a detailed review of the sms monitoring app that can help you make an informed decision about it.

Xnspy- Overview and First Impressions

A powerful yet intuitive monitoring software, Xnspy is specifically designed for less savvy users. The app has a friendly user-interface so that it is easier to navigate its features. Being a strong surveillance tool, the app can monitor even the most sophisticated smartphones, known as iPhones and offers real-time monitoring. Xnspy aims to monitor and report target activities undetectably. It quietly runs in the background of the target device without any interference, thus, it promotes discrete spying.

Xnspy Review - Overview

The raison d’être of digital spying is remote and permission-less monitoring. A web-based control panel, an online dashboard is there to extract all the target information and transfer it to the user device. This online console allows you to monitor the target remotely, at any place and time. A drop-down menu in the dashboard further adds to user convenience. Toggling the features in the control panel allows the user to customize the monitoring plan.

Installation and Set-Up

Xnspy is a cinch to install and set-up. It takes about 3-5minutes for the sms monitoring app to be launched in the target iPhone. There’s a clear set of instructions available for the potential users so that they can conveniently install and download the app. Though Xnspy lacks in offering a free trial, it compensates for it through a live-demo, available at its website. This demo provides you a step-by step process of installation.

Xnspy Review - Installation and Set up

Installation is different in a Jaibreak and no-Jailbreak iPhone. If your target phone is Jailbreak, physical access of the phone is required to install the spy app. However, if the target phone is Non-jailbreak, all you need are the iCloud login credentials of your target to begin spying. This is a hassle-free technique, used specifically by less savvy users.

Pricing details

Pricing of a product has a strong impact on its rating. Being an affordable app providing 30plus features, Xnspy is quite popular among the business and household sector. It offers two spy programs: basic and premium. Basic program offers limited features while you can avail the entire range of Xnspy features in its premium program. The transaction of billings takes place on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Basic package costs $8.33 per month while premium package costs $12.49 per month.

Xnspy Review - Pricing details

P.S. Xnspy offers stringent refund policies to the customers. No refund on the app is available after ten days of its usage. No kidding guys!

Texting features of Xnspy

This app offers state-of-the-art features to the users. It provides diverse opportunities of text spying. Xnspy being the best text spyware for iPhone, it delivers a wide range of features. Read further to learn about its texting features.

  • Monitor he entire record of sent and received messages. These are placed in a chronological order.
  • Read the complete message thread as well as separate message conversations.
  • Get the message details including, name of the message sender/receiver, their contact number, date and time stamp.
  • View all the deleted or older messages. These are all uploaded in the control panel, even if removed from the target phone.
  • Monitor geo-tags. This is an icon that determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent or received.
  • Use watch-list alerts on messages. It allows the user to determine the exact message conversation of the target. It immediately notifies the user if some unapproved activity is taking place through message correspondence.
  • Along with text messages, it also monitors iMessages within an iPhone.

The verdict!

Xnspy Review - verdict

Texting being a dominant mode of communication today, has influenced our cultural landscape. It is a flexible and quick communication platform that ensures user privacy. However, powerful spy apps like Xnspy can track the text messages of the target by taking advantage of the security vulnerabilities of an iPhone or android. It can be used by concerned parents, protective spouses, or zealous employers to safeguard their personal interests. Without a doubt, Xnspy is a decent pick when it comes to using a spy app since it offers extensive texting features and is a budgeted app with good customer service.

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Xnspy Review: Super-Smart Text Spyware for iPhone in 2017
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Xnspy Review: Super-Smart Text Spyware for iPhone in 2017
A powerful yet intuitive monitoring software, Xnspy is specifically designed for less savvy users. The app has a friendly user-interface.
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